The EASIEST way to get paid consistently on STEEMIT.

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What’s going on Steemers, being very analytical and aware of people problems on Steemit, I have noticed the number one problem people has is how to actually get paid on Steemit consistently. The answer is very simple. It’s not only about having a million followers or 100k in your Steem wallet in a Steem Power. Now, I’m not going to lie, having plenty of followers and Steem power does help, but it’s not the secret to getting paid. The simple secret I’m about to tell you actually ends up rewarding you with a lot of followers and a lot of Steem.

Here’s an example of the past couple days of my payments I have earned from following this secret.



Now before I tell you this simple secret that I have been using, I want to first tell you to not be let down by the answer. This is because there is really no magic wand you can wave and suddenly be getting paid thousands of Steem per week and have 50k followers. The secret is so simple that most Steemers often overlook it because they stuck searching for the easy and quick way to win. I’ll tell you from experience, the quick and easy way doesn’t exist, but what does exist and DOES work is the slow and steady way.


The simple secret to getting a steady paycheck everyday on a Steemit is..TO POST ONCE A DAY, AND TO NEVER MISS ONE DAY NO MATTER WHAT! Now you may be thinking to your self “is this guy serious? That’s the answer..” and yes I’m here to be in your face and say that is the answer. Don’t be upset because it’s so simple. But the truth is this is the only way to truly build your Steemit profile and to get a consistent payment every single day.

Let me go into details now..when I say post everyday I mean EVERYDAY even if you’re tired, sick, or lost both of your hands. Find a way and figure it out or just don’t complain when you’re not getting paid everyday. This is the magic rule I follow on Steemit and everyday, multiple times a day I redeem my Steem payments. Now you can’t just post a picture an expect to get 20 upvotes. You have to provide good content that shows your passion. Each post should give valuable info, news, or solve someone’s problem.

What happens next is every time you post, your post gets put on the “new” section where everyone can view your post.


Once it’s here, and if you put in the time to make a great post, people WILL upVote and resteem you. If someone with a decent amount of Steem power likes your post then they will give you a hefty upvote. It happened to me yesterday, my post got $4 from just one person that follows me all because they liked my content! the simple magic behind this is that when you post every single day and get upvotes, after 7 days you will redeem a payment every single day from then on, BUT if you miss just one day then you won’t get paid that day. You will miss out on one day. So if you our up one post every day then you can get paid 365 times a year! It’s simple and effective!

The even greater part about this is when you post everyday, you gain followers everyday as well. Now when you put up a post you have more followers to upvote it (plus all the Steemers that see your post on the “new” section), you have more people resteeming your post, which then shares your post with EVEN more Steemers that can upvote you and resteem you and you get paid more!its. It’s a very simple compound effect, but you have to put in the work and follow this simple secret everyday and I promise you will get results. And don’t get discouraged when your payments are only $1, it takes time to get bigger payments, but I promise it will come!

Thank you for ready, please share this message with everyone you know to help grow this community so all of us can get paid and be happy.




You have received a @GrumpyCat flag because you or someone else sent money to buy votes from an irresponsible non-GrumpyCompliant service.

@pushup and @sneaky-ninja are acting irresponsibly by selling votes to people on their post very close to final payout. (~99% abuse rate)

Sending money to these bots is also financially supporting for-profit spammers.

To know what voting bot to use, refer to and use those that have 3.5 day or less in the "Max Age" column.
Important, The above bots have made no effort to comply for months so the votes they sell might still be targeted even if they change their Max Age to 3.5 day.

Learn more ...



  • You are flagging innocent people and calling them "collateral damage"!
  • You are trying to impose your rules by using your SP on ones weaker than you!
  • You have rejected all the diplomatic proposals we have brought so far!

Your self upvote is flagged by The-Resistance team using the WE-RESIST bot.
We will be resisting with a team, stronger each day, unless you stop downvoting innocent people.

To your tyranny WE-RESIST

The Resistance

So far, this month, @grumpycat has voted himself for $ 8175.57 SBD using his main account and his sock account, madpuppy (proof is on the blockchain). The day before he made this comment, he upvoted himself on the final day 5 times. He is the abuse he claims to fight against.

The EASIEST way to get paid consistently on STEEMIT---is to sell votes as a bot, LOL. Yes, this is the current situation of Steem. People prefer selling votes or vote only for their friends, instead of discovering good content and voting them up. The rules need to be improved for sure.

He bought $300 in votes on this post. Now, he's losing money after curation. Too bad. But, the whales he gave it to meantime, will just do it again in 2.4 hours, over and over and over. without risking downvotes or being a part of the system at all. That's the real reward pool rape on steemit right now.

Of course you can you always decline payments to the curator.

Huh I'm not sure about that. There's a 25% curators reward portion built into every post on steemit.

we need better bot system

Thats true, if has the sectret to get paid for the post handsomely, why has promoted this post by spending $s

Okay, so what can we do to get noticed on Steemit? Well researched articles aren´t the way it works. People are upvoting each other.

"Once upon a time, good communication was simple. You wanted an engaging web page, so you wrote as interestingly and concisely as possible what you wanted your reader to know. 100 words maybe? 150 perhaps? 200 tops.

Once you’d got it right, you could leave it there for ever, knowing the people you directed there would get your message.

Then along came Google.

A ‘serious’ web page, the geeks decided, was obviously one which had 500 words plus on it. And to be considered a ‘serious’ website, clearly it needed to change every day. No serious website would just leave the same old words there, surely?

So, if you wanted Google to direct searches to your site, you had better follow the advice above, and fill your website daily with meaningless blather.

And so, in the blink of an eye, the internet was brimming with crap.

And clearly, it’s getting fuller by the second. Mostly with articles about content marketing, many of which provide illuminating tips about writing good content – you know, choose an interesting headline, check the spelling, the most effective form of content is something called an “article” (yup, really)."

What´s the purpose of good content here on Steemit? It´s not getting discovered at all unless you promoting it. But you can´t do it if you are having no money at all...

There are some things you can do. Check out my dolphinschool server on discord. Take a look at the bootcamp lessons channel. There's ten days worth of assignments in there designed to help. I've done well here for two years, but lately it's a different story.

Thank you very much. :)

You're welcome, that's what it's there for.

your post got my attention.jpg

I will check into this... your comments got my attention..

Your choice, delete your spam reply to my comment, or I can flag it and knock your 24 to a 22.

I don't know how else to deal with it. That one had a link to a sketchy article and I'll be damned if I will let someone get scammed, like happened to several this last week, our of their accounts on one of my comment threads.

Thank you that was very nice. It is great to see the experienced users helping watch out a bit.
New little fish don't know about the scam links and how to watch out.

I think that way is not good, people will make a bad post and buy votes therefore the writers and the content is very good will be lost spirit if must buy upvote

Yes I totally agree with you! Steemit has to stay a social network which is only supporting quality content! :)

The rich will hold all the power.

Too late, they already do and the smaller fish are renting their power to them also.

Stay? Are you under the impression that's what happens now? Nope. 3/4 of the top payouts are buying votes.

!00 percent correct. Very few morals here. Some are treating it like a business or a profitable sideline. They are big enough and don't care. Do there 3 or4 posts a day and put a bot on it and job done.

As far as business, i have no problem with that. But, it doesn't excuse taking profit without earning the votes

Agree. Problem is they are not earning the votes.

Can't fault them as they have worked the system out.

Except, that is not exactly "the system" it's working around the system, which is supposed to allow community input on which pieces receive reward. Anyone that wants to earn here, should be subject to it. Sorry, I don't agree.

You did know the post you are reading only made ten ding because he bought 300 spd worth of votes.

I've just got my account and was browsing trending articles. I've should have read the comments first.

I'm new to steemit, how does one buy the votes?

You can try This is just one place, there are a few now.

I probably would not have known to look at that either

So make friends then ;) True I upvote friends, but there are just a few I can upvote every single post with a clear conscience, others post content from very good to lets put a cloak of silence over it. Oh and you forgot to mention those who vote for themselves:)

I read you are supposed to upvote yourself! I'm a noob though, is this not cool?

Yes I am not comfortable with upvoting myself but I'm usually the only one voting on me lol so ...

It's a controversal topic. I would say it's ok to upvote your own posts, and your comments only if you upvoted the post you comment in, and only if its a meaningful comment.

Thanks for the knowledge!

And in fact it is highly recommended by many people who post here. I think the main thing is if there's a general agreement about something like this then it's cool. If it's understood that you vote your own post up then great. It's when some take advantage of it.

Thats right. Make new friends...

I feel this platform will be tainted in the long run lol

It's already tainted by people like @HAEJIN!!!
If You Would Like To Help STOP #HAEJIN Please Visit @FlagAWhale.
#haejin #abuse #steemit-abuse #flagadonkey #flagawhale #rewardpoolrape

The idea of it being tainted either now or in the long run assumes we can predict the future based on how things are running on Steem now. Isn't more steem generated as more users come online? And wouldn't that mean that more dolphins and whales will be created as we move forward and steemit grows?

If not, you can bet your wallet that someone will figure out a way to either improve Steemit and make it better. Or, someone will create a more balanced system with more egalitarian rules.

i really hope it wont. I just discoverd this platform lol, and hoping to get some good stuff out and maybe make some money in the proces :). Maybe they can fix some of those problems in the future, bots and stuff.

Sad, but true. We need to ACT SOON. This is exactly what prevents people from using Steemit:
The first thing they see is botfarms raking in their money for low level content.
If we let this happen, Steemit will die out and there will only be bots left, jerking off to each other virtually.

On the one hand I agree. But we live in a world of bots so they cannot be escaped. I think the question is how do we integrate with them? Do we embrace them and use them to "augment" ourselves?

@steembasicincome might have the answer you're looking for. As for Steemit, it can be whatever we make it, but it's as far from Facebook as the Internet is from the real world.

Time is Art. In Life, all we have is Time. Why not make Art all the Time?

I am a proud @earthnation Steemit Guild Community member!
Thanks to their loyal support, I am able to create a passive income stream that funds my creative output and delivers this original content directly to YOU.

I think the main action required is to make sure that the value and good stuff exceeds the not so good stuff. That is what will make it a worthwhile platform and therefore keep it around and growing.

Well said man...

This should change. People vote for Good content. for better Future of steemit.

If such possibility exist, this makes the entire platform compromised.

One suggestion how such tactic could be reduced is :
Shouldn't there be some captcha or verification when people up-vote a post?

Yea, I too saw this trend, and even some people only doing this without posting or commenting. They never upvote unless they are paid for it. Maybe Steemi would not stop, but they should learn what they are doing is not fair. At least some part a day they should behave like other successful members like @valorforfreedom, @hopehuggs.

Sad but true...

I already provided a possible solution to this problem in my blog, check it out :)

Yes it's a complex issue.

Another side effect of having specific moderators is the whale wars that happen. People purposefully down voting another's content for reasons other than quality. Eg they don't like them or they are trying to make a point about using bots or when the vote is made etc.

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To be honest, a lot of quality contents gets wasted daily on steemit. It is almost like you have to know whales on steemit before you can cashout big

i agree with you

tahnk you :)
Follow you blog and vote.

same here!

they get lazy, they just wanted to earn more.

Thanks for sharing, I 100% agree with you. 1-2 posts a day, with quality articles (comments) will go way further that spaming hundreds every day, and then get tired of being that active, and starting shout: how unfair and bad Steem it platform is.... Also here are my personal tips for earn some kudos in Steem it:

  1. Find a niche you like, and build your community slowly. If you are passionate about one thing or another, just focus on it, research information, articles, media releases etc etc. Then post that information with you own opinion and comments on it, unique useful information is the key to success on Steem.

  2. It takes time. Like you mentioned, and I will say it again: it is not 1 day's / 1 week's / 1 month's jog.... this will take time. But trust me: with time you will become PRO, and even 20-30 mins, a day will give massive massive results.

  3. Be active on topic you like. Make valid useful comments, that way you will get deeper insights into topic you like, and other people will benefit from your comments too. This is how the community grows.

  4. As the platform grows, new people are coming (some getting bored and leaving Steem it), and new people are staying if it is giving them something beneficial, as simple as that.

  5. Listen to what other people are saying... This is very important! Always check your comments after you released an article, or made a comment, and engage in conversations. Active engagement brings great dividends.

Good comment.

I kind of naturally followed these guidelines since I started on Steemit, and after 4-5 months, I'm rep 60 with 500+ followers, with systematic payouts on my posts, I believe I can consider this adventure an ongoing success.

I do not post everyday though, impossible to hold, as I craft my posts quite a lot, and I do have a life outside of Steemit. But I am consistent, and more or less regular.

For the followers, it's the commenting on other peoples post after reading them carefully that brings people to check me out.

So I advise newcomers to follow the guidelines @ansisltd suggested.

Good Steeming!

thanks @muphy for your encouraging words.

I joined Steemit today, after reading the comments above about the usual politics I nearly left... I cannot stand politics. However, after reading your (@Muphy) comment I feel re-inspired! So, thank you and I will definitely keep to the guidelines by @ansisltd posted above your comment. Personally, I do believe that a system like this can (and obviously is) working. We all just need to stop the politics. Humanity has a thing that everyone is right. Toltecs teach about an axis of perception. Will have to post about that ;) Thank you kindly. Love and light to everyone!

I agree, I think a problem many newcomers and I face when coming to Steemit is our mindset. We view it as a race and not a marathon to build followers, upvotes & our posts. Unfortunately, people may get bored, tired of not getting results and may lose passion. The biggest thing is to stay passionate no matter how much you are getting paid.

I like researching articles on Stumble upon. Is it ethnical here to curate popular articles from say Stumle Upon, comment on and then post on Steemit? Also, do you know the name of the program where you can preschedule your posts ahead of time. I use Buffer on Facebook, but it doesn't work on Steemit. Thanks for your info. I appreciate you.

Check out steemtools. I believe you can find the post scheduler on there.

Thank you so much for that information. I will check it out right away. I appreciate you!

Thanks for the added insights. Finding something you like, and contributing to that topic makes perfect sense. Same as with any job, if you are doing something you love then you will rise to the top of that career. If you pick something you don't like just to "make good money" you will always struggle.

True to that, there are times that people tend to pick topics which they don't like or not passionate with it because the audience like it to the point that you should stop and think if you have an intelligent audience or not yet in most cases that the audience per se were not. Thus you have to strike a balance between what the audience want and you to ensure that you won't go to the extreme.

Great points. Engagement is key!

i like your third point..

I like too. but hana deuh2 lagoe $100. haha

wait until you cant wait anymore haha

I fully agree with you! Thanks for the tips!

Thank you that is great info.

Thank you for the insight!
I do believe that great things take time to come together, and building a community based on good quality content is no exception.

this is probably the best comment I've read on this whole platform since I joined... I'm fairly new, but it is nice to read something that actually says something besides, "nice post, I like it". Also it gives good information that many should and could learn from.

hi @ansisltd thank you for the extra tip!

sometimes but if your followers dont have upvote power will not work

That's why he bought $300 worth of votes and lost money on this post.

Correct, there needs to be massive rule changes to the voting procedures.

Good advice! I try to provide value and being consistent as well. I've just started a free trading fund that anyone can join and share the profits. Check it out here:


Thanks for the tips

nice posting.
The EASIEST way to get paid consistently on STEEMIT is to buy steem.

For all those commenting saying posting once a day doesn’t pay you 😂


I agree...posting consistently gives you way better odds of making more money and gaining more followers! Following you now!

Yep, can't argue with the numbers.

I am now following you

Steemit really needs hardwork at first not unless you have huge investment on it that boost your vote and payday.

Having a good content deserves to be followed and upvoted. Maintain the quality of your posts please **DONT BEG** someone to follow or upvote you. Eventhough you got 1000 upvotes with those users that have zero value then its nothing - they are the one who will follow you if you beg them but not in the case of whales and some users that have considerable value in their votes.

Remember, whales and the big guns in steemit will follow you mainly due to the quality of your post 😄

Indeed that it's valuable to have few votes from whales, orcas and dolphins than a thousand upvotes of minnows and red fishes.

Upvote bots help too, I see :)


Upvote bots help get your content higher on the 'hot' or 'trending' tabs.
So it's a good way to get yourself out there for the public ;)

exactly, the pictures of my redeem payments was all natural.

You got a 4.46% upvote from @adriatik courtesy of @jmehta!

You got a 14.38% upvote from @sleeplesswhale courtesy of @jmehta!

I couldn't agree with you more on that one @brandonscalera. There is no way around it. You have to put in the work. Like you said, slow and steady is the way. And as much as this may be such a big turn off to most it is actually the case and it's the number one thing that separates the successful from the unsuccessful, in every area of our life too. If you want something, work.

Not sure posting everyday is the easiest way, but it’s for sure the best way to grow a following and build an account balance without having to buy in. The easiest way is to buy in and delegate your SP to a voting bot for a daily return. I’m not here for the easiest return, I’m looking for the most bankable and secure form of crypto cash flow, and I think Steemit has that covered for now. Thanks for the post!

Great content.

Fun motivating post. The challenge is to have something wortwhile to say once per day.

I am going to try and plan a schedule to do just that. Thanks.

Well, if you take a closer look things are a bit more complicated than you may think ... Have you heard this saying: "when the wise man points to the moon, the idiot stares at the finger ..."

I mean, if the easiest way to get paid was indeed to post consistently, why would Brandon Scalera have pumped 283 SBD into promoting this post (rather than simply posting every day) ? Ever crossed your mind ?

Brandon seems to be learning (as most of us are) because 13h ago he published a short post asking whether bots are worth their money. My own conclusion is that no, not directly, not as such. They might be worth it but only as an ingredient in a more complex recipe.

What we can see here is that Brandon invested 283 SBD in this post and if the price of STEEM does not increase significantly in the following days he'll get back about 80 SBD and 32 SP.

Which is more or less as though he had been buying 32 SP for 200 SBD ... not obviously such a good deal given that on he could have got about 6 times more SP for the same SBD sum ...

the bots were to gain traction for more followers (therefor more upvotes) if you go deeper than just saying all this false info, you will see that i get paid consistently everyday just from posting once a day. :)

So you can sleep at night, here’s getting paid everyday with no bots 😘




I love seeing numbers. Thanks for this comment :D And yeah why would he have spent so much money in upvotes if he could just post once a day. But I think everyone wants to try out bots before they realize how much money they can possibly lose with them.

Notice that Brandon has done some reading because he waited until @upme (which doesn't comment the posts it votes) and @pushup were about 10 minutes from voting before posting this article. When the bots voted, his post was not yet 30 minutes old hence minimizing the curation rewards of the bots.

However his massive 77 SBD dumped on @upme turned the ROI of the round massively negative - when the bot voted the ROI was -24%. On @pushup it was even worse: his 50 SBD made the ROI in the round go to ... -56% !

Talk about bad investment !

Funny because I have 18000 Steem 😂, 280 SBD won’t make or break me 😂😂the whole point of the post is to gain followers HENCE getting more upvotes. It’s this thing called advertising. Maybe you should try it broke troll. Takes money to make money.

EVERYONE notice how this imbecile wastes his time when he should be doing good things like posting. And congrats you can read also (you brain is trained to troll and point out the negatives instead of the positives). You’re doing great keep it up 😂😂😂😂😂😂

Don't get mad, Brandon, nobody wants to harm you. If you have 18000 steem, wouldn't it be better to bring them here and power up from your current level at 4647.92 SP (when included the delegation) ?

Would be consistent with you posting every day and upvoting your posts (at 77% according to the blockchain ...)


First don’t ignore the fact that you just said I made a bad investment, BUT you did the same thing. EVERYONE notice this. Facts.

Second I didn’t make it this far taking advice from you but since you try to look smart in front of everyone on steemit I will explain.

I only powered up 4100 Steem because the other 13000 Steem I hold is for emergencies. Bills. God forbid a recession. No one can predict the future. I’d rather attempt to build my account my majority getting upvotes.

Yes I upvote myself, I earned the Steem. I can and will do whatever I like with it. It does not concern you. I deserve to upvote. Everyone does it and that’s their choice. You coming on here being a hypocrite actually makes you look stupid if the people actually dig a little deeper past the surface they will see you’re full of bullsh**.

Exactly why you paid bots to upvote you, but then attack me 😂

Thirdly and lastly, I’d appreciate it you go TROLL somewhere else or just stop being a d*ick as a whole and not troll as all. Keep you negative comments to yourself. Only say something if it’s positive. And leave my posts, I know you have all the time in the world to float around and troll thus post, but it would benefit you if you left. Thank you. Goodbye.

Solid explanation. Thanks

Hahaha i love how you guys are backing your points with data and screenshots. NIce one

Thanks a lot for writing the amounts he paid. I was really thinking about finding out when I read the post and saw the bots/payouts.
For the first time in a while I didn't upvote the post itself, because it seemed terribly misleading. And I think a lot of people make more money making good comments than making a post per day on steemit.

It's funny some people will pay that much SBD for looking succesful. But your comment made it worth to read the whole post.

Thanks. I use minnowbooster myself on my comments with a 0.1 SBD investment because I get the feeling (I might be wrong) that below a certain threshold a comment doesn't "produce" anything (no SBD, no SP) and then the effort of commenting would be wasted. Even if the payout is not favorable, I get satisfaction from seeing a steady trickle of 0.002 SP entering my rewards from almost every comment I take the pain of writing :)

The bots were not to look successful. It was to have exposure to gain followers. I you go check my wallet you will see i get paid naturally everyday from posting. Its not millions of dollars but its consistent pay that grows with steem. People love to see the bad and not the good, dig deeper next time you wont seem so lost.

The bots were not to look successful. It was to have exposure to gain followers.

So to gain followers quickly, we have to buy upvotes from bots?

To gain followers, exposure is good. Go do something useful and put up a post.

Well, I agree with brandon when you said we need to post every day :)
Because, building a community need a contionous appearence to help people know you and follow your daily blogs.

One more thing, the quality of the content is the most important thing to guarantee to increase your community, Becuase there are some members here on Steemit started to post once a week with a high quality content and long post and they gain good results too.

That'swhy, I see high quality content with continous posting everyday will help for getting good results.

Thank you for sharing this info with us :)

Interesting article.

Personally, I have to disagree with posting every day.

It takes time to research a post and bring everything together, I feel viewers would prefer a longer article with facts and decent content over say a 200 word article with not much in it.

However this is just my opinion and I wish you the best of luck :-)

Even if it's quality every day, theres no guarantee that you will get any upvotes, even with a decent following

Really? its the easiest way? Well you are posting everyday but most of your rewards are in the $1 range.. except for this one which is suddenly trending.. because you paid the bots a hell lot for the votes.. but you ended up paying more to the bots than what you got in upvotes.. can you tell me how is this a good strategy

Use steemfollower

you write a true, some people like sell upvotes, but is better try to write every day, that simple, can i translate your post?

Thanks for the tips! Upvoted and followed!

I like the idea of posting daily but as you mentioned its far more important to have quality content. As some have pointed out buying votes seems like a profitable venture aswell. Then theres the "curators" who create a post copy and paste other peoples content with a link to them and keep all the reward. My vote is going to creators of original quality content.

I wasn't going to post anything today since it's Sunday, but your post changed my mind. Thanks!

Glad I was able to motivate you! Don’t stop Steeming!

i @brandonscalera I must agree with the magic wain that you must post once a say for the fact that your follower may expect to see you post every day. This is, of course, your content is worth reading

I'm doing the exact same thing, posting everyday, i've been posting 15 days in a row now, and i'm enjoying every minute of it and getting more and more followers, at the start it's difficult because we get like 1$ ea post, but i'm hopping that if we stick with it we will end up making 5$ of more, it might take 1 year, it might take 2 years, but i'm going to keep grinding, consistency is the key, people who don't put the work are not going to get anything in return, the universe is conspiring to help you, you just need to give something back

Just keep swimming man! You will get there one day!

The grind is real but the end game is the best, i look at steemit as a game, i just need to keep leveling up

Thanks for sharing :)

Thanks for the tips.

Excellent point. Also, I find that making good comments also helps. It is easier to get a top comment in a top post than to be a top post!

man i noticed this as well once I started upping my activity levels... posting everyday can be challenging for someone like me though, going to school, working a job and now on spring break in NOLA for the first time...
I will definitely be getting back to posting every day once I am back from my trip and have some high quality pictures and content to share

Thanks for sharing man, appreciate your 'secret' to success :))

very helpful and actually looking for post like this one, i'm steel learning on steemit.

Thank you very much for this simple and direct solution @brandonscalera... It's like taking candy from a baby.. I'm actually gonna post right now..

Nice post, there is some truth in it for sure! But i´d say also review your post before uploading. Few spelling faults. I make the mistake myself aswell. But it really improves your value if it looks more professional. gotta follow you tho ;)

Thanks a lot this is an amazing discovery. Thanks @brandonscalera.

this seems to be my biggest pitfall. I am good a commenting aily but i havent built the muster to make full posts daily.

I guess ill take your advice and stop being a lazy bum :).