Your voice counts, don't give up! Steem to $100 by 2019

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The Steemers who want to grow and help and get paid, WILL make it happen. It doesn't happen easy and it takes a lot of work but when you keep pushing you will get the results! @jerrybanfield and @aggroed mention Steem can hit $50-$100 by the end of 2018!

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I do believe $100 steem is reachable, however there need to be a lot of grow in the community as well as the platform in order to reach that price!


Yes without a doubt, but that growth is happening right as we speak!


and I coundn't be happier about it #thumbsup steemit team


It is totally achievable if everyone would post worthy contents to help grow this platform..


It would be quite a marketcap. If the cryptocurrency market keeps growing surely reachable. Different than many other cryptocurrencies Steemit has already a product to present!



does not look so far-fetched now?


Currently steem market cap is $ 1.1 billion. If steemit reach 5 % of Facebook market cap ($ 526 billions) which is $ 26 billions, that is 24x of the current value, so steem price could reach $ 100. With all developments and new great tools, I believe 5 % of FB market cap is achiaveable.


Nice analysis there.

I am new and i am in line fore the raise goo! steemimages (4).jpeg


I have found that this is the case with everything, the people that put their effort into being of value to other people and being consistent in the things that they know will produce good results, no matter how much patience they have to endure, will yield the fruit of their labour.

I am glad I have been turned onto Steemit. It is the only platform I am active on with the intent to make this like home, and I have been studying content marketing for four years now.

I have not invested the time anywhere because most of the other platforms just do not align with what I value. Steemit , and every other decentralised platform does.

I am on this train for the whole ride.

Thanks for the motivation

I just added Steem to my portfolio and now waiting for the moon shot! I have high hopes for this just because there is already a platform backing it that WORKS.

Steemit is pretty addicting stuff, its crazy but I find myself here more than Reddit since I became a steemian. The community is great, and there aren't many trolls on here because there is something to work for.
The idea is just fantastic and easy to use who wouldn't want to get tipped by providing good content. It drives me to want to think harder and out of the box before i post something.

Move over facebook here comes steemit! Mark Zuckerberg you better get you some steem power!!!

$100 by the end of the year definitely seems doable. More than doable. If the development of STEEM, the Smart Media Token and dtube, the demand for STEEM will drastically increase over time when it gets more exposure.

Wow, that would be nice :)
I didn't resteem it, but I pin it ;)

please vote new on steemit

very nice!! Thanks for sharing.

This is really motivating

Good Idea!

I just joined Steemit but absolutely love this platform. My goal is to share my analysis while I'm trading and learning about Cryptocurrency. As we all continue to share our niche and the platform grows in popularity, there is an opportunity for it to exponentially grow in value.
Looking forward to the ride!

Good to hear some positivity.

We're at the edge of another rise in price to around 15-20, and it will sure get to more than 50 in next couple of months...

Steem should easily be $50 by year end or end q2 seems feasible if the markets overall do well and market cap keeps expanding and more new money keeps pouring into the space. I am new to finding steemit and dtube and loving the experience and community so far. Don't forget to power up!

if you are new don't expect to be payed or earn shit, you should consider yourself lucky if you get people to pay you and that you were noticed inside this big community, you have to be thankful and happy what you have not what you would like to have, if you have good content you will be noticed by people

Give you an upvote

We can do it!!

Steem is a remarkable platform. It will be a disruptor of so many centralized social media platforms. The fact the the community is the creator of not only the content but also plays an active role in placement of this content is revolutionary. This will be one of the most positively disruptive technologies of this early part of the century.

i to believe in us all. The bots and the advertisements are creeping into steemit i have been seeing more and more of both. I think that is both bad and good.

I agree so much...thanks for the encouragement.

very good post !

I totally believe in this post and prediction that Steem and Steemit is here to say. When I started I was little doubtful and also amazed, but after reading the Steem White Paper and Steemit 101, and getting to know the Values, Philosophy and The Why? of Steemit, I am all in for it.

2 days back I invested little and started posting and engaging more in it and going to make invest and grow more on it and also help other get aboard and ride with all of us.

The reason Steem is going to stay and prosper is because it is centred around people and strong values, like we find in villages and it is more of a People's movement and very much here to give power back to people.

I am new to steemit and hold seem coins and already feel like part of the family

I am a dreamer and say that steemit will be worth $1,000 by 2020.

I believe that all of us that are following Steemit have found a great blessing because this could be a fabulous financial solution.


I'm loving it and I just got in today.

That's the plan!

you can tell that the word is getting out! I know i am sharing it on youtube and facebook keep it up!

Steem prices will head north when more applications use the platform, more users stay and contribute interesting content and when investors see the potential for significant profit.

i really like this cocept...

May the crypto goddess hear you, steem to the moon :-)

Just a matter of spreading the word and letting people know :))

This post is so encouraging especially for the new comers like me. Nice post:)

That's right. WE WILL DO IT!!!

that's the attitude!

Thanks for the advice. Im new and this looks hard.

I wouldn't be surprised. Word is getting out. The #Steemit tag on Twitter is getting a lot of attention per hour, plus Dtube is a game-changer.


Were going to the top no doubt in my mind, Steemit is the biggest thing to happen yet.


I need to look into this Dtube. First time hearing about its the answer to youtube right?

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Wow,,,,,,i love this gave me hope that i can make it here,i need people like you around me to motivate me,,,,,thanks so much boss

''I do believe $100 steem is reachable, however there need to be a lot of grow in the community as well as the platform in order to reach that price!''

me too.

and who will make money here is rats. i don't see this platform as intellectual benefits.

I still don't have money on Steem, but I really hope it hits $100.

How Come

I've watched this video over and over again. You are an entrepreneur, 20k was such a huge investment to put into a platform you were uncertain about. But that is because you have an elevated mindset and you are a risk taker. You just inspired me to to take risk!

I totally agree with you @brandonscalera. It takes continuous hard work and patience. Most times we get discouraged after making lots of valuable post and no head way, and so backing out becomes the next thing we want to do. But there's really no harm in continuous effort. The few contents of yours I've seen has inspired me and thus I've made you my mentor on steemit

I am new here, vote me friends. I love steemit very much

GUYS, I am pretty new here, just check my introduce post and dont forget to upvote and follow @rhoty .

And if this is true i ll be great, cause I am passionate about adding value to this perfect community

Seems like the perfect way of making money out of nothing!

Wow, I really like the STEEMIT idea. Let's make this GREAT!!!
Feel free to vote back. Greetz!

Steem should reach at least 5% of facebook. I mean, why give your personal data to a corporation? Why let yourself manipulated with stupid ads in every corner of the page?

Please vote me back! i'm new to steem and i love this site! i will be posting valuable content :)

HOW OBVIOUS DO YOU WANNA BE??? Your covering the entirety of the main promoted page. Very few other people can get anything on the main page. If your going to rape the promoted page. Be a little more desecrate about it. I mean there is a point where you start taking the piss.


Wow မိုက္​တယ္​

Good stuff, i too believe steem is the future and it is going nothing but up. I was holding steem long before i even became a member. I am new to the platform but hope to contribute alot!

Slow and steady, this platform is so made for people who can think long term :) Followed you entre.jpg

I believe it. Let's go!!!

we aee here for the technology and community. the price of steem is really meaningless

Vote me plz

won't say it will reach 100$ by 2019 . I would say first target let it be in 20-30$ range


No, $50 minimum this year.


Let us be realistic with the target . 50 $ for this year is to far fetched.


Not at all.


to me it seems its more than likely that by 2018 end it will be somewhere in range of 30 or below .


No chance.

The important point you made, is that one must persevere and never give up! Still trying to hone my skills to suit this wonderful site!

Dont forget about the SBD, when that value goes up as well you have more opportunities to make your dollar more volatile. Im still trying to get the grasp of things in the crypto world as well so please bare with me. i hope i don't look like an insufferable jackass posting comments on things i know nothing about.


Not sure what you mean make my dollar more volatile, but SBD is going up right along Steems side!


Sorry wrong choice of words i meant which one is more lucrative so every investment can make more money, i'm pretty sure not every one is not just here to chat .Everyone's here to make some form of money.


Steem is more lucrative, its cheaper, has more supply, larger market cap and is the basis of, Steem power is made from Steem.


Touche, see, thanks for letting me learn something, I love this community.

steemit one of the best options for long term


Are you sure?


Yes we have the fastest blockchain out there, faster than bitcoin and ethereum. Have more transactions than any other coin, are ranked under 500 on Alexa in the United States and pay people to curate content! THeres nothing better and no other company with more true value than!


I hope♥♥♥

deacuerdo, can reach $ 100 and even more

It's almost impossible to accurately predict value of any currency, especially in such long period of time. These predictions are only made to give you some idea about where the currency is going, so don't believe these numbers too much.