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RE: Steemit Update [ June 21st, 2024 ] : Steemit Engagement Challenge - Applications Invited for Season 19

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Photographing is a major factor that encompasses steemit. Everyday, we take pictures exclusively and reluctantly for the post. I think bringing photographing and edits into the spotlight will help steemians not just here but in the real world have a skill they can be called for in events, contracts etc without necessarily spending money to learn.

IMG_20240211_211743.jpg PhotographingMoments like this is a part of creativity and many can learn how to use tools they originally don't know or have fair knowledge of.

My Discord account: bossj23#7084

Message if interested in becoming part of my team.......


你好 我可以成为您团队的一员吗

I'm interested
I wanna join your
Here is my Discord ID : ahsansharif#9563

Am interested in joining your team

My discord account: whizzbro4eva_1

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