Why am I getting less STEEM POWER than my post say I should?

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If you are like me you would have noticed that many posts indicate a payout of 10 SBD, but when the reward is received, the SBD portion is correct at 3.75 SBD, but the STEEM power is far less than 3.75 SP.

What is going on, why is this happening?

The conversion of SBD to STEEM

On steemit before any payouts occur, the value of the post is converted into SBD and SP using the steemit feed. The feed can be found here.

If you scroll down you should be able to find something that looks like this,

The current conversion rate is 2.953 SBD is equal to 1 SP. You need to apply this conversion to your payouts.

The calculation

Your post has a payout of 10 SBD and using the steemit FAQ documents we can determine the split of author and curation payouts.

  • 3.75 SBD goes to the author
  • 3.75 SBD worth of SP goes to the author
  • 2.5 SBD worth of SP goes to the curators

  • The SBD to SP calculation needs to occur, this means the 3.75 will get divided by the 2.953 to give you 1.269 SP to the author and 0.846 SP will be split among curators. So after conversion the above would be:

  • 3.75 SBD goes to the author
  • 1.269 SP goes to the author
  • 0.846 SP goes to the curators

  • I hope this has been helpful :)


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    Thanks, this a clearly worded, quick post which made me aware of something I did not know! Keep it up!

    Thank you, glad you found it helpful

    This answered a question that I had on my mind for a while now, Thanks!

    Happy to help :) Thanks for the support

    Yeah, I've been scratching my head around this difference too.
    I also noticed that if you power up steem, the conversion is roughly one to one (and that didn't help my itch at all).

    So, Sbd is converted in one way and Steem in a completely different one? Or am I missing something here?

    Question: What happens when one powers down? Will the value be converted accordingly, or it will be always one to one, as it is when we power up Steem?

    If I understand correctly, Steem is Powered Up to Steem Power at a one-to-one ratio. Likewise, Steem Power can be powered down to Steem at a one-to-one ratio.
    Steem can be exchanged for SBD at the conversion rate, or vice versa.


    I was totally pulling my hair out over this and knew it had a conversion factor somewhere but was thinking it was based on the price of STEEM.
    Thanks for clearing this up.


    Useful info thanks

    Glad it has helped

    I noticed this discrepancy. thanks for posting this explanation.

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