How to Make thousands on STEEMIT without ever posting!

in steemit •  3 years ago

Wondering where that new user adoption is coming from?

While I mistyped an account name to find a steemer from the slack to follow, I landed on an account that had recently been created, and had only transferred money to another account, never posted. I thought that was odd, and clicked to see who the transfer was to... and discovered this: this account has never posted, yet a quick scroll reveals they have been getting hundreds of $$ from rewards for creating new accounts, transferring the reward to a central account, and then selling the STEEM.

As long as someone can crate an email address, they can get a new Facebook account, and from there, create a steemit account and get $10 in STEEM.

They have literally made THOUSANDS!

Why did they stop 7 days ago? Anyone know? Perhaps they got bored with the work?

Welcome to the blockchain everyone! It's all public!


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Actually that's just an old miner's account where they're collecting the STEEM they mined before mining paid in SP.

I'm sure there were a lot of people who thought of that, myself included. If this person really went through with it, bravo. However, I presume that SteemIt has some way to counter this or else it wouldn't offer the free Steem Power.


There is a way already in place for a long time to counter people abusing free accounts. You can't power down a free account until it has 10X the SP value as when it was made. So to power down a free account you have to earn it.


Ah, so the person who might want to defraud the account by depositing 10x and then withdrawing, would basically make more money letting the money sit in SP, and have to expend a hell of a lot less effort.