Why You Should Resteem Blogs That Offer Rewards

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Everyone will come across a blog that will offer a reward just to resteem it. By just clicking the resteem button you will receive a reward, why not. It would surprise you that many don't resteem even if there is a reward. If I seen a penny on the sidewalk it's mine, I wouldn't even hesitate.

New steemit users should resteem blogs that offer rewards, so they can power up the steem reward and start receiving more curation rewards. Users that take advantage of resteem rewards are slowly climbing the ladder.

Looking at one of my blogs that offer rewards for resteeming is "Guess How Many?", it offers 0.05 STEEM just for resteeming. Now if you resteem this blog for 7 days, you will make 0.35 STEEM a week. Now add the other three games that I post that offers rewards as well. If you bet on Steemsports and select the right team to win, plus resteeming blogs that offer rewards, you could profit very well.

When you resteem one of my blogs, I will browse your blog page. When I'm on your blog page I will check out your blogs, read them and upvote them. I noticed when I do this most users are new and don't have many upvotes on their blogs. With the help from @cryptos project for curators with @robotev, when I upvote users blogs there may be an additional 5+ upvotes that may help your blog out. You could also get more followers by resteeming blogs that offer rewards.

If this sounds great, maybe resteeming is meant for you, press that Resteem button. And don't forget to power up your reward.

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I have the same challenge that @haphazard-hstead reported; the resteemed should separated from the posts for quick navigation.

One question I want to comprehend: if I don't upvote but merely resteem I still earn steem?


All resteemed posts will be added to your blog post section. I agree that they need to separate them from blogs you have made.

I believe you earn curation by resteeming, so it will be a small amount.


thanks for replying, I'll search for a source to explain this. 😃

i wish there was a way to organize the posts into resteemd and our own so that when i'm looking at ppl who i follow i could readily distinguish.. i really am liking the feature though because it helps me find things that sometimes i perhaps wouldn't have

I always resteem your quality posts.

A blog about the benefits of resteeming and I'm too late to resteem it. Oh the irony... Welcome to my life.
But I've followed you now, so maybe I will be able to pass this on in the future.


You can always change the title and write a better blog about resteeming.
Thanks, I will checkout your blog post.


Ok. Thanks. Thats very generous of you. Still finding my feet on here. I will see what I can do.

This has got to be the first post you've published that didn't offer a reward for resteeming...but I went ahead and upvoted and resteemed anyway cuz I get a lot just from following you and vote betting on steemsports...keep up the great work!

Some of my biggest curation rewards came after i resteemed.

I offer prizes if people ger involved with comments and offer $5 steem bucks reward for for comments with most votes.

To be honest it does t help. Those posts, with the exception of todays still running never got me more than a buck. Not once.

I was baffled because anyone can play and win. I didnt even ask for a resteem just vote on post.

If i do it again i will ask for a resteem.

Bravo! excellent post congratulations



Thank you.

i somehow got the idea ;) ta.

Hello bola! Excellent Post!
resteemed! Followed and Upvoted


Excellent advice! Resteemed.

I want to congratulate you for rewarding a resteem and then checking their blogs and upvoting their work, and I want to do that because what you're doing is actually very rare. The majority of users here that I've resteemed don't acknowledge it at all. They don't visit my blog or upvote or comment or even say thank you. So I want to say thank you to YOU for how you respond when someone resteems your work.

Hi bola!
Please allow @steemitfaucet to be link with your post?


@bola, you and @steemsports regularly fatten my wallet. Thank you!

I will be happy when resteems are separated from our own blogs, and I hope we'll be able to pin our profile to the top. It's really hard to find what I want when I'm checking someone's page.

Happy Halloween.

I always resteem your posts when i remember them lol, I will resteem for pay or occasionally for free even.

If your doing things to make steemit better and getting viewers then i am happy to help for a half price reward, if oyu want regular resteems I can even try to do it at the selected times you desire ! ! !

I am in NYC so while i will not resteem at 11pm or 5am I can approx a time that helps you.

I am weird, if I help others; esp quality people then my steem shares portfolio should increase in value . . .

Crazy i know, believing you can help yourself simply by doing little things to help others achieve more . . .

So sign me up boss, happy to resteem occasionally at like 6pm EST or whatever, we can talk health benefits and vacation bonuses later ; )

" Resteemed "

When I go to someone's blog page, I have a hard time finding what they have posted, when they resteem a lot. It takes more effort to sort out all the resteemed stuff. And when it's just resteeming for money, it seems like I'm just looking at coupons in newspaper insert or a magazine - when what I want, are the articles. That's why I don't resteem very many posts at all. Adding value is about more than providing money. Value is time, too. -- Just my own perspective, sincerely without judgement of what anyone else posts or does with their blog.

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Resteemed. Will be regularly browsing the resteem and rewards tags.


Thank you for resteeming this post.

I upvoted this post because I think it's interesting. However, I don't want to clog my blog up with resteems (I guess it's to late now anyway).

resteemed! lol