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Just do as the title suggests, just a little fun idea I had, why not? + You can win 10SBD 💰 just by an UpVote & Re-Steem 🙀


100% Power Up

Remember To Vote blueorgy for witness!



@roelandp you are one of the best event organizers I have ever met and your fashion sense is right on!

Oh and don't stop at one do as many as you'd like!

@decentralizd is a sexy mofo!

@yoda1917 Started at the bottom and is just killing it on the posts and information presented. Glad I ran into him in the Chat.

@luzcypher & the crew openmic rocks!!!!

@jerrybanfield inspires all the steemians here! an idol for newbie!


I hope a day will come,harmony will spread around the world and touch every psychopathic governance with true knowledge and wisdom with love. :*

Awwww! I'm so new that I don't know anyone yet. So I will just say how nice everyone has been so far, commenting on my introduction page. I can already tell that this is a group filled with kindness and love. Thank you all! - A Minnow.

gonna check out your introduction page then... ^_^

@ninyea you're my number one upvoter! love lots!!! <3

@blueorgy is an incredibly generous human being! Great role model to all the new Steemians out there

Thank you!!

I really like the talent shown by @lenadr
She posted some of her own very unique drawings on july 10, 2017.

good post, very interesting!

seems a bit robotic ;) nothing nice to say about anyone else?

@jamtaylor you're just... awesome man!

This post has received a 19.59 % upvote from @booster thanks to: @blueorgy.

Great idea @blueorgy !!

I would go with @nonameslefttouse

The reason? I like straight honesty. Some people will keep their mouth shut when what they have to say is not so positive. Others will express their thoughts in a polite, yet straight manner, leaving hypocrisy to the side and being 100 % them. I like this a lot, I prefer a truth that hurts a bit better than a lie that makes me feel better. So... I like Steemit´s positive energy and all but sometimes we need somebody to take the bull by the horns and state what many think, but few dare to say.

Thanks for this great giveaway !! :D

Amazing and multi-talented, check out @sallyswitchblade. Saw her wicked performance on openmic 40 and dug a little deeper. She is a super artist too!

@timsaid, @pharesim, @nextgencrypto, @acidyo and @glitterfart you guys are amazing, you are the symbol of solidarity and hope and with what seemed so be a little for you guys was a lot for me.

Thanks a lot guys :)

She's pretty new to Steemit but she has already produced plenty of original quality posts . Her enthusiasm is infectious and she has written some helpful articles for newbies. A rising star.

The entire #gridcoin community, and another direction from that, individually, @kayclarity, she puts herself out there, so good on her.

I would just like to thank @cyberblock for helping me as s minnow get started. He reached out when nobody else did! Thanks @cyberblock :)

My vote is for bchick. We both have a love for chickens. We cluck on about them nearly every day, sharing the ups and downs of gardening fun and homesteading . She and her husband have worked tirelessly to feed the hungry and homeless through donations from their own garden. Retired and still inspiring others to give back. Thanks for looking! 🐓🐓

I'm hosting a similar giveaway! Getting to know one another, check it out and join mine too!

I'd like to gush sweet words of kindness and strength about @raymondspeaks. He's come very far and is using writing for both personal health and to bring awareness and help others :)

@blueorgy this seems like a good little challenge, it's making me think about my experience here so far. I'm still still pretty new on Steemit and have been involving myself with photos as I learn more about what is going on with Steem and Steemit so my experience is a bit narrow .

@aggroed for his focus with helping people to get started and involved in a positive way with the others @minnowsupport

The same applies to @pappajohn, a very strong Steemit representive building up use of the site.

@kalemandra has started a colorchallenge in photography also @old-guy-photos has been helpful with his oldtimers group and monochromemonday and treetuesday photochallenges and has made me feel welcome

I'm just scratching the surface here so my apologies to so many more that are left out but there's a bunch of quality photographers @brumest, @pixelfan, @jefflombardo, @kuenok, @stresskiller, @soonidrift have been inspirations to me.

A shout out to the group @treeplanter who are doing a re-forestation project in Cameroon through Steemit, a very worthwhile endeavor.

And I'll leave off here for now, it's late and I'll probably be finding a lot more soon.

@merej99! She does a lot for the community by doing many pay-it-forward projects. She has a wonderful project now to get steemians involved in the community!