@Blue-Pencil Editors Will Get Your Post Noticed!

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Would you like help getting your posts noticed? The editing team at @blue-pencil will proofread, edit, format, and polish your posts with their combined 17 years of expertise!

A special Thank You to @rocking-dave for created this video full of awesomesauce! Its a must watch!

@blue-pencil wants to help you grow! With your generous delegation or donation, we will be able to give back upvotes and support to the community :)

Would you like to see your posts get more visibility? Is English your second language and you need a hand editing and formatting your posts? The @Blue-Pencil team of professional editors have you covered!

The Steps to an Edit:

1 Visit us in the Discord chat room, download link if you have not already.

2 Message the editor of your choosing:

3 When you message the editor, please paste the link to your published post that you would like edited.

Your editor will then take a look at your post and decide if it can be worked with. If they accept, they will inform you of the fee. Post edits are $5 to $7 SBD, depending on post length and quality.

You will transfer the SBD to your editor's Steemit account and message them. They will then begin the edits to your posts.

When the revision is complete, your editor will send you the edited version. At the bottom of your post, you will place the sentence: This post has been edited by a member of the @blue-pencil team.

After you have made the changes to your post, message your editor again, and they will comment on your post to confirm it has been edited by @blue-pencil

  • Only post links to articles that are no more than 3 days old. Steemit pays out on the 7th day a post has been live. It would not be worth it to you to edit a post that is on day 6.

  • If you have not yet published your piece and would like your editor with you from the beginning, please talk with them about your ideas.

  • NO plagiarism

  • Use ONLY legal images. You can find these in Creative commons, Pexel.com and a number of royalty free, attribution free sites.

  • Follow @blue-pencil to get updates on editors availability, and for helpful writing and posting tips and advice!

  • Follow your editors Steemit pages as well, we publish helpful tips on our personal pages, too!

  • We get a lot of requests! Editing is on a first come, first served basis.

  • Editors require payment in advance.

  • Have fun! Steemit is a community of support and encouragement! Enjoy and make friends :)

We appreciate your support!

~ with love from @ArbitraryKitten

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Nice initiative, just not sure how is the reception here in Steemit.

Wish you guys all the best !


It's pretty good actually. We have waves, some weeks we look for work and others find us inundated and hiring more editors! But all in all the reception has been amazing :)


That is good to hear ! Might try the service one day !


Awesome! Message me in Discord anytime :)


An interesting idea...

I have just started my novel....mmmm....


I was going to promote it, and link all 4 chapter, but though it a bit cheeky! (even for me)

You will be onstage soon enough.....lol


Well done, great start!

This is an interesting service. I may use it in the future...


Awesome! Keep this bookmarked for future use, and remember to follow for cool tips on Steemit Success!



Thank you @rocking-dave!


My pleasure! :)

This is genius!


Thank you!