Taking Back Whats Mine

in #steemitlast year

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I've been burned quite a bit from crypto so when you get a free airdrop of 7000 hive and the price then goes to 90 cent you think to yourself what a time to be alive! In all honesty when all the stuff was going on at Steem , I thought the future was bleak. I put in quite a few quid into Steem and it has gone by the waste side. What's stopping a buyer of Hive coming in and the blockchain forking again. So at the time I decided to powerdown both accounts and invest in some other coin before it takes off. I still want to post on Hive and be apart of the community but I am going to move some funds to different places first and start again building with posts instead of cash injections. Don't get me wrong, half of my earnings are from curation and posts but I am a stickler for profit. I need to get out more than I put in so I am hitting the reset button and starting again with Hive. Doing a @cryptoandcoffee. Not one cent of cash did he invest in Steem. He just grew organically. If he cashed out it is all profit but it took time and effort to get to where he is. I will do the same with Hive and start from scratch in 13 weeks. I have left myself around 500 of each coin on power up. I can make 8% interest with some coins on Binance so powering up is making me somewhat illiquid. I was wondering why there was such hoo- haa about funds being locked on Binance with Steem and I figured out the top dogs were trading quite successfully on it before the funds were locked. They were making massive returns which made me wonder whether we were just going changing one Lada for another Lada. I think this price pump stabilised Hive as it has plenty funds now to play with. But people will be watching. Already the Twitter brigade are calling it a pump and dump coin. The price has gone down but are we worth more than 20 cent right now? I like to think we are. But sometimes a community gets so caught up in themselves that they can't see the light from the trees. Take @justintron. He is after making 1.8 million bucks from the sale of Hive. For Hives greatest enemy that was some kick we gave him. I'd love if my enemies gave me 1.8 million. The guy cannot believe his luck!!
This was a major slip up whereas some prominent Steemit members who had a sock puppet in their witness votes was hung drawn and quartered. So for now I will take my money (for 13 weeks) and run but any tokens I earn will be staying here. Once the dust settles I will re-access. I haven't giving up on Steemit yet either. There are still some good folks in there , just posting as normal away from the politics. Who knows , both may prosper.