The Facebook group is Exploding! Great job @bitrocker2020!!!

It's time for #TeamMalaysia to shine!

Malaysia Boleh !!

Welcome To Steemit Community! @boommusix

thank you @boommusix

Welcome to the community! Sorry I'm unable to attend even though I'm around, just too wrapped up with some work. Maybe the next one. Have fun!

Np @kevinwong ... I've got many requests to do it more . Will let u know the schedules and hope you can come and support. Really great bunch of individuals

That's a nice thing you are doing there :)

Awesome. Welcome to all.

hehe .. showed everyone your post @coloringiship :)

Really...haiyo so paiseh hehehe but if it could help encourage someone to sign up so I'm all good :)

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So there is a group from Malaysia! yay!!! count me in