Steemit have changed so much while I was in a rest! Wow!

in #steemit7 years ago

Wow! Steemit is still in beta, as it's logo at the left corner tells. But it looks very very solid and great.

I just want to say, I was impressed a lot when I've opened the site after 2 weeks I was traveling. There are so many new features and buttons! Wow! It looks very nice! I have already 23 followers, I didn't know about that) I can think, there are also another some new features, that I don't know about yet. Please, tell me about it, if you know)

The site is becoming more and more comfortable, it's a good trend. I wish Steemit to grow up and to become even more and more user-friendly and beatiful!

Maybe in the future the site will change it's color gamma and some it looks similar to Facebook!

Good luck! 


Your Last post was 24 minutes ago and the one before was 3 hours ago , that's a long time!

Of course, it's a long time... Why didn't you scroll a little bit more down to see my other last posts? I've arrived just yesterday and this post is not my first post for today.

your other post was one week ago

fuck off, please.

no thanks :)

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