Is there any way to communicate with other Steemates? How?

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Steemit, of course, is still in beta, but you say it is a social network...blockchain based. Why the social network don't have a way to let me write private messages?

If I have some words to tell someone, why I must tell it through the comments to one of the posts (and all people will see my message)?

Or I can write something through the transaction message. I don't want to pay smth for just writing a message! 

But the main thing is that it is not Comfortable! 

Steemit, I think I'm not alone with this problem. There are a lot of people, which are interesting to speak with them. If Steemit is a social network, Steemit must add this option to site.

Maybe I don't understand something, if so, please explain me, why there is no way to write the private messages.

Thank you for attention.


You have to remember that this project is only about 6 months old. I think a lot of features are still being developed. From everything I've read, the developers are just as concerned about the currency as they are about the blogging aspect of the site, so it will take some time for them to add features that we are used to seeing on other social media sites :)

Most users are on You can contact people directly there.

Thanks very much!

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