When do people start losing from HF19

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Following Hard Fork 19, most Steemit users will have found that the weight their vote carries has increased. An upvote from me used to be 1 cent, now its 25.

I would be very interested to know the level of SP where your total voting power carries less weight then before the most recent Hard Fork. In other words, if you added up the total value of all your voting power before and after the Hard Fork change, at what level of SP would your account have to be at for that value to be less now.

I know its more than 10,000 Steem Powet (because a friend who has that much in their wallet and his votes are with 10 times what they were). Is it 100,000 or 200.000?

The exact number will vary from day to day but there is a rough estimate which can be calculated.

What's the number 😀😀



I have about 50 SP and I noticed that my voting reward went from 1c to 20c, however my voting power is getting depleted much faster than before. So I can vote less but my votes carry much more power. I think it is better than the old system.

I have 420 SP and getting around 40 cents! its going down the more I vote! Now on 25 cents! Hope this helps!

I have got got 578 now so it has gone up slightly! The more you vote the more you lose! I guess it resets at midnight don't it?

Be careful your lowering your voting power drastically, it will take hours to replenish once low

I am still getting the jist of all of this now! Thanks for the advice! :)

How do I know what my voting power is?

www.steemd.com/@kev626 look on the left hand side down the list for voting power

Yeah. I noticed that. I was wondering how it happened.

Very beautifull 😍

Do you know why Hard Fork 19 happened? (I'm still pretty new here.)

Is Steem Power equal number of Steem you have in your valet?
(I can't find statistic, number of my SP)

Sorry, I can't answer your question. I have a question for you...how long does the HF last?

You can vote less often in a day with full power now, so a single vote should be more worth for almost anyone.

do you know the name of that mountain? :)

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