Trying Something I Never Been Done Before

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Hello Everyone, 

   This is my first post on steemit and I ever since blockchain technology came out, I always thought there could be a way to integrate it into social media. Now there is! 

   I am a firm believer in blockchain tech and we are starting to see the transition in technologies that handle finance. With a growing technological world, This technology can change the system of banking that is ruining our economies. 

   Everyone I know is stuck in the system where you have no privacy with your finances. The banks are requiring  more information from you and having issues with securing your information and finances. The banks set the rules... interest rates, fees, etc. This system only works for the people that run the banks, not us. It is time to change what we use to exchange for goods and services. 

   There was a time when humans did not use paper and coins to live. They traded whatever they had that one would take. It is a similar approach we need to take with blockchain technology for us to change from physical paper and coin money, to a digital platform that gives the people control of a currency, not banks and governments.

   I have been doing things on the side from coding to learning this new technology. I worked as a technician and had to go into work just like most people and after so many years of living check to check, eventually you get tired and want more. I had gotten tired of working for someone for low salary and wages. Even jobs that had good pay but was just a ridiculous demanding job that was not worth it unless you're someone that doesn't like to have a life.

   I started to earn enough on the side to say lets start my entrepreneurial experience. I decided to devote my time and energy to blockchain technology. There is a whole lot I need to learn but I do know that like self driving cars, this technology will (it kind of is already) be apart of our society. Trying to have a career that is in a sense a "new" currency has not really been done since it was just created... Although I read an article of an employee of an cryptocurrency exchange that lived off being paid in the cryptocurrency. 

   Now to see this technology progressing through a development stage, others and Myself would say that it is happening and to be a part of a new growing industry is exciting. There is a bigger picture here that a lot of those in this industry is hard working for it to happen. 

   I do have some fears of where this will take me but I think its something I can relate with everyone that goes through life, Trying something I never done before. 

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Did you know anybody here can read your balance? There is more privacy at your bank. Privacy is not a goal for this appcoin.


lol i'd rather you know my balance than my information like address and social security number...

Bitcoinparadise great story and can relate to all the wild rides ahead on our road with the crypt-o journey. All the best ahead.


Thank you for taking the time to read my post @rb3coins. All the best to you as well. Perhaps we can share some tips in the future.


Thanks and have a great evening.