Introducing Use Bitcoin, Steemit, & Cryptocurrency to work around Youtube demonetization

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The Steemit community needs to step up and get Youtube content creators to move to Steemit! It is always good to prepare for the worst. Youtube has started to demonetise videos at a more aggressive pace. If you are a small content creator you may start to lose some important extra funds.

You need to familiarize yourself with and cryptocurrencies. Set up a free Bitcoin wallet at You can set up a free Litecoin wallet here: I am about to Launch and it will help people move to Steemit where you should follow me: For now just go to and set up an account and start to post your Youtube videos there. It is that simple. If you are an Altcoin fan you should be spreading the word about your Altcoin and getting Youtube content creators to list your altcoin's address under all of their videos. Please spread the word about this video and feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

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Coincidence that the video pushing a mass exodus does really well right away? ;)

But it's true: these platforms are the answer, and as more development happens, the more options we will have.

I want my Twitter/Patreon/Steemit brevity posting platform, already!



As a note: you've made $18 monetizing this video on steemit. I'm at around $15 for my latest video today by monetizing on steemit. This is leaps and bounds what we would make with the same videos on YouTube with the adsense ads. I don't even play ads on my videos for this reason.

Steemit is a great opportunity for smallish-to-medium-sized YouTubers to actually make some money with their videos.

It'll take a little bit of learning to get a grip of the way things work here, but it's not hard to do -- and in fact, it's quite fun. :D


That was the best comment left here in a while. This is the message that we need to spread to Youtubers. They can make up lost revenue here.

Yeah I have been active on YT for years and have over 800 vids. I have been getting more and more of the demonetized. I could understand if it was sketchy content, but all my vids are family friendly. Two that were demonetized this week were for weight loss lol.


It is all very unfortunate. It is a great that we are here though. We need to get others over here though.

Good promotion for steemit and steem. We should promote all crypto currencies. We all gonna win eventually. No need for pushing one and bashing another. Great job maister.


Thanks. Well this is a chance for Altcoins to step up and talk to these frustrated youtubers. The opportunity is there!


Thanks! Let's bring the Youtubers to Steemit ASAP!

Censorship on Youtube is very real. I would recommend listening to / watching Clif High's commenting on the subject too. Good work @bitcoinmeister

It's very strange that you haven't included any snapshots of Youtube videos un-monetized, it could have been just another Yt glitch. And it's not Google, it's what advertisers want with regard to what videos they want their ads played on


This guy talks about what happened:

Good. Let them die dry.

Keep up the good work Adam.

I tweeted this out last night for you. It gained some traction.

Yes, the word is getting out ... time to leave YouTube and start the crypto currency alternative.

this is a great idea glad to see you doing this try to get everyone you can not just crypto people

What happened with steemit for the past 4 days? no one is making more than a few cents for their posts when before that they were making at least $12 to $20 for the same kind of content/upvotes... Does anyone know what's going on? Cheers for the good content Adam I've been following you on YT for few weeks now ;)