On some 2pack shit, steemin away

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This picture reminded me of the song ... and thats how my woodwork teacher in high school called 2pac lol

The picture Facebook memory from 5 years ago before the bitcoinman days.
Took this picture by my self using the timer with my nexus 4.
These past few days and month been real y'all
steemit weathered the storm, and I suspect foul play from the competition, more on that later and
the bitcoinman days are about to be left in the past just like the sailing time.

But more on all that on this upcoming Friday assuming everything goes according to the plan.
While you scared I been collecting more STEEM baby, this was a great opportunity to grab IT for cheap ... see what I did there ... probably not don't worry about it things will become clear with time. Oh no steemit is dead sell sell sell thanks for the deals, got to be ahead of the market don't worry I sell you back some of this steem when we going over $10 but only a little ...come on now we only getting started.

Hope you got some value from my post,
Thanks for stopping by, your upvote, comments and resteems are truly appreciated.

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Hopefully this new changes can be a good starting point to make a come back for steem

SMT is moving along thats going to be the big catalyst, ETH going to have issues in the near future with the fork, EOS people talking shit, because it's centralized, Tron is a big joke, Steem is going to overtake much of the competition, even now lots of people realizing and building on top of the blockchain its the most utilized blockchain in the world as we speak.

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I'm not a fan of rap, doesn't do much for me, welcome back mate. :o)

What you into ?

Mainly Aussie Rock bands. :o)

Thats neat, would love to hear some of your favs

You have probably heard of one of our most famous bands AC/DC, this video is from the 70's when they formed, it's one of my favorites. They are still going strong today but they are missing a few originals who have passed away.

not too bad lol just right , thats neat I did not know they came form the island. Thanks for sharing ! grooving to it right now

Let keep the good spirit on....

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nothing but good spirits

Nice composition, beautiful write-up.

Thanks for stopping by, Glad you got some value