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RE: Spam comments?!

in #steemit3 years ago

This is where the power of your votes come in play by not rewarding those spammy comments or posts in the system. As soon as money is involved there is always bots, cheaters and other junk that goes on that trashes systems. It is up to the owner of the site to come up with ways to manage this and deal with such things that happen. Because they will and already have been.


@bitcoinflood, i would think that a system like that is quite hard to implement. but then again, the whales with a lot of steem power wouldn't upvote the spammers, being self aware that upvoting them would only benefit them. therefore, they only upvote the most meaningful comments. that being said, there becomes a time when a blogger has a lot of followers, and they become aware of just how much meaningless spam they receive.


I'd at to this but you already know my thoughts.