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RE: Steemit Update: HF21 Testnet, SPS, EIP, Rewards API, SMTs!

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Now that the release candidate for HF21 is out, our blockchain team has turned their attention to continuing development of the Smart Media Tokens protocol!

Really? Pretty sure you said that 2 months ago in a post...

If this is in fact finally true it is a good thing but honestly I am still 2nd guessing myself here...


We said that once we were done with HF21 we would move on to SMTs. Which is what we're doing. Thanks for reading our updates!

Always read the updates but given the history around here it seems like something ALWAYS comes up before SMT. Forgive my optimism for being diminished. I do really hope this is going to happen now.

We have SMT already which emulated by scotbot. I don't see big problem here but steem devs working really slow.

@andrarchy this is off topic but I see you're being downvoted as well. Let's change things, hmmm? Instead of comments being greyed out at -0.000000000000000000001, let's change that so comments can't be greyed out until -1.000000000000000. Someone would have to deduct $1 first. -50 cents, still there. Catch my drift?

Let us pray!! this short paragraph detailing nothing is the best we have gotten in a long time, and I, for one, am stoked.

Remember when SMTs were going to be out 3 months ago? Yeah, me too

Remember when SMTs were announced in 2017 and were going to be released "sometime in 2018?"

I think Pepperidge Farm remembers.

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