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Out of all of the steemit tools out there is one I go back to daily and perhaps steem itself might be smart in implementing unless there is a reason it is separate ?

Some of the tools I use daily are of course Discordapp where I chat with other steemians and post and upvote content. Also some others which seem to lack in updates as of late where the stats are just way off such as steemwhales which is very unfortunate as I would prefer to use it. However the one that sticks out to me to use on a daily bases is...

The biggest parts of this program I use (which I feel would be very helpful to be part of steemit itself) are my current voting power percent which I try to keep 60% or higher at all times. I use to vote non stop up to 10% which seem unhelpful when your voting that much!

The other key part is how much my steem voting power is worth in dollar amounts. These two key numbers are what really fuel my daily activity on steemit and keep me motivated to power up more steem.

I have not found much use for any of the other steem tools which are provided but would love to hear in the comments what one you use the most and why?


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Great tip thanks

thanks for share

Oh dear, if you will use SteemWorld, no wishes will be left. Try it out and you will see.


WOW This is a super cool tool im surprised no one has mentioned it as of yet. Going to snoop around on it a bit might be my next post! thanks


Thanks for your reply! If you are interested, there are 3 links with instructions and a hint to a Challenge:
If you want to write a post — very good idea getting this app popular in the English community. @steemchiller is working very hard for updating this app and has big future ideas. So I am supporting him with my Challenge because he earns nothing at the moment.
Thank you! Have a nice time!


Really cool, thanks!


With pleasure!

Didnt know about that tool, mine is steemd
Thanks for sharing

Use those also and same with me, have not found others that peak my interest. It does seem like there are many out there. Such as other websites and apps. Lots of progress still to be made here but love being apart of it! :)


Yeah there are a fair amount and each do some cool and interesting things however this is the only one that is really helpful, helpful in giving me the information I feel I really need.


Somehow, I was completely unaware of this handy tool. Thanks so much for sharing that tip. I'm going to check it out.

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Your welcome hope it helps!

I love steemnow also, I just found out about it a couple days ago in another post. Any tips you have about how to best use Steemit please post them I will up-vote everyone! Thanks!

I agree, SteemNow is the #1 service Steemians need to have running at all times in a separate tab in the background! 😜🎉💯

Extraordinary tip thanks

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This was very helpful to me, too, because it is the quickest and easiest of it's kind. Thanks!

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Thank you for keeping us updated, I'm surely gonna try this one

yes, the checking your voting power percent is very useful... that the way you can see how fast it disappeares :D

Thanks @bitcoinflood.

Steemnow is an awesome tool. I started using it my second week here and it is the on that I always have open. Other show VP but not with the up to the second accuracy of that. I also love the little calculator that enables me to figure out what my upvote is worth.

Why give someone an upvote that has little value if you know you can add a few percent more and increase it significantly?

Hi there, thanks for sharing this tool. Can you explain me how it works

I use also but have found to be even more useful. Well, in a different way. It also tells me my voting power but also shows me all of my activity as well as all the activity of others a it relates to by blog or those I have interacted with. Check it out, I really think you'll like it.

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Have you checked out

Great your post, I also use the same tools as you use, it does provide motivation in steemit activities, appreciate and appreciate other steemian friends' posts, for me it is also a tremendous motivation, because we can establish relationships with them and with others.
Thank @bitcoinflood

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This tool so awesome

Great I use that too, it's pretty great to manage your things. I'm still new but try to learn as much as I can

Steemnow's upvote calculator is indeed useful. I also use to help me understand what is going on with an account.

@bitcoinflood, I have been using this tool for a couple of months now, and I like it, but it doesn't seem to be truly real- time. Maybe it is real time according to blocks being confirmed, but it doesn't seem to function as a real time indicator of my activity. I have tried refreshing but that doesn't work to update to my most recent activity, power levels, etc. Still, I really like it, and use it daily. Upvoted and followed you now.

thanks for sharing