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User of Coinbase was left without his bitcoins and blames the exchange!

The Coinbase exchange has recently been attracting customer's complaints related to poor quality of service. One of the users claims that he lost bitcoins worth $ 8,000 through the fault of the exchange.

One of the most common problems faced by the Exchange users is how Coinbase delays when executing orders. Customers complain that orders are not executed, despite the fact that money from bank accounts and credit cards are properly removed.

The company had problems with processing payments for some time, and until the situation gets better. Unfortunately, this is perhaps the least concern associated with Coinbase, for today.

One of Coinbase users said that he received a suspicious automatic message from the exchange on his phone, in which he was asked to authenticate using the "alternative method". After that, the user has lost access to his Coinbase account. It took several minutes to unload the entire balance of the user and send it to unauthorized purse addresses.

It is not yet clear how Coinbase will react to this situation. Support for the exchange may not respond in weeks, which does not at all reassure.

The fact that users can log into Coinbase from a mobile phone number is convenient, but obviously is not the best security solution. The most unpleasant thing is that on Coinbase there is no "hot line" for such cases.

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Definitely bery interesting. As a user of coinbase I find this very helpful! Thanks! :) If you get the chance you should upvote my latest Daily Steemit Vlog! I do vlogs every day here on Steemit every day, Thanks! :)


Sure ^)
I noticed in a lot of Skype"s chats that people complaines for delaying of buying/selling. Personaly me trading on Poloniex