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On Might 12, at the Kibo blog was published that the system has been launched in Ropsten Ethereum test community and now it is at the test level in which more than five hundred system homeowners take part.

They are developing proprietary code, but, according to the team’s words, in the close to long run they will publish the outcome of the audit of the system deal code. You can see how the test is managing at this address. The web site reveals functions with tickets bought in a test community.


In September 2016, the Kibo staff published the Whitepaper describing an notion of creation of the first decentralized lotto system, which is uniform for the complete world and is based on Ethereum sensible contracts. The primary endeavor of the staff was to remove all current disadvantages of this market for each gamers and affiliate associates by using which gaming business will get eighty% of all its users now.

The extremely notion is genuinely exciting. Because sensible contracts can Safe not only the transparency of all transactions done on the system, but also Assure one hundred% truthful drawings. Now it is fairness of drawings which serves a primary benefit at the market with a volume of more than five hundred bln dollars.

A single of the most vital difficulties for affiliate associates of any video game resource is modify in the conditions of accrual of commission rate for gamers attracted immediately after the operate is finished, or even their cutoff for breach of any procedures of cooperation.

Kibo sensible contracts are originally programmed so that each individual operator of Kibo Lotto branch usually stays an operator of the viewers attracted by it to the system and keeps finding its commission rate for every ticket bought in spite of almost everything.

In truth, KIBO allows launching one’s individual lotto with one of a kind rewards for every participant, phrases and profits of which are assured by a sensible deal. Certainly, it is a cherished aspiration of any affiliate spouse.

Useless to say about rewards for a person: availability in any portion of the world, complete transparency and fairness of the video game, and quick payments of any sums.

The dilemma is not how important these rewards are, but how to have interaction a huge amount of users to the system.

This portion of the venture is of exclusive fascination. In Oct 2016, Kibo staff held ICO inside of the frames of which, in spite of DoS-attack on Ethereum community, more than 3.5 mln dollars were attracted and more than 6,000 persons from more than 50 international locations of the world grew to become homeowners of the platforms.

A single of the primary duties of the ICO was to attract money essential for the implementation of a one of a kind marketing method aimed at speedy launching of KIBO at the global stage. Now these money are in the open wallet and, thanks to the advancement of ETH price, money collected by now sum to twenty mln dollars. This money is essential to sort a prize fund and marketing unparalleled in its dimension even among the biggest global lotteries. The purpose of the marketing is to speedily attract and familiarize hundreds of thousands of users with the rewards of the system. Because now KIBO branches have associates from more than 50 international locations of the world, its start off is heading to be extremely exciting.

Kibo is a system for actively playing lotto in formats of the most well-known countrywide lotteries, which include quick and day-to-day drawings, interface of which will be accessible in 14 languages.


Today, lottery is the largest social and entertainment game in the world. The share
of lotteries on the world’s gambling market is over 30 %. The annual turnover of
this market today is $284 billion. Along with the penetration of the Internet and
the growing number of devices connected to a network, the number of users who
prefer playing this game online is growing. Consequently, the online lottery market
today is promising area.
But despite such popularity, the lotteries currently present on the market cannot
provide the user with a 100 % guarantee of an honest lottery or offer full transparency
with regard to the formation and distribution of the prize fund. It is not surprising
that this issue is a hot topic for discussion on forums and in private conversations
among amateurs who like try their fortune in this game. Unfortunately, at present
one can see licensed operators periodically caught in various sorts of violations regarding
prize fund distribution and the honesty of the lottery. Just as important are
the conditions for receiving awards, which also have a number of shortcomings in
the form of delayed payments and various kinds of commissions.
Now, thanks to smart contracts, we have the ability to address these critical issues.
KIBO is a decentralized lottery, the main advantage of which is the complete transparency
of all processes taking place on the platform and the fundamental absence
of opportunities for fraud. Unlike “fair play checks”, which allow one to check game
results in existing cryptocurrency lotteries, KIBO itself eliminates the potential for
fraud. This is made possible by Ethereum and the concept of smart contracts. The
marketing component of the lottery is also implemented based on smart contracts,
allowing franchise partners and owners of KIBIT tokens to be sure of receiving their
earnings and the correctness of its calculation.
KIBO is a platform where all processes are implemented and managed by smart
contracts. Ticket purchase, random number generation, and prize payouts, as well
as accruals in the distributed partner network, are performed by a smart contract
without the possibility of intervention by third parties. Changes in the platform are
made by a vote of control token holders.

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