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This last week has been a blood bath in the price of steem, but I am hoping it is just the calm before the pop. I have been shocked by the amount of big money trying to get into the cyrpto space. With the like of Goldman Sachs buying Poloniex via Circle, and Eos raising like 5 billion in funding, even when they do not have a blockchain up and running yet. 186261027.jpg
The Irony is the fact people have flocked to these Coins as a way to get away from big banks, the government, and a rigged system. But no matter what you do, or how far you go, it seems that they will follow, as long as they can make a buck. I posed the question the other day about there being any place that is censorship free. One person responded with your mind, and really that might be the only place, but can you ever have a decentralized Coin with the GOVERNMENT lurking around the corner?????

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This last week has been a blood bath in the price of steem, but I am hoping it is just the calm before the pop

I noticed the drop in price too. Well, you'd have to be blind not to. I took the opportunity to scrape up as much spare cash as I could, and buy some more steem.

It wasn't much... After paying most of my hard earn money to the government, I was able to get 3 more steem coins... Yeay me!

These funds have now been transfered in and powered up. 👍

It doesn't appear to have done didilly to my voting power, but at least I'm 3 steem richer! 👍👍


Shoot, nice, and ya 3 steem does nothing now days, but eventually it will get there.

I agree and I've fully expected the "big" money to follow. It is just that for the first time we have a chance to get in ahead of them and redistribute some of the wealth. I don't have any money left to invest but I bought a tiny amount of steem at $2.97 and then a little more at $2.68. I'm on the sidelines at the moment waiting for a pop but would buy more if I could figure out where the bottom is. I hate to miss out but my last 2 attempts didn't fare well for me.


Ya that is the part of investing, it is really hard to get the highs and lows. It was nice to finally see wall street behind the eight ball.

The potential is there and the success of the crypto space up till now is a great show of that. Big banks and government will try to prevent this and take over at some point when they realize they have missed the boat and lost control. What we need is more people to stop asking “so how is that there Bitcoin doing?” and start asking instead “how can I get involved in that there Bitcoin?” Or whatever coin. Once there are enough people who adopt this new way of doing things then the harder it will be for government to interfere.


I do believe that it is here for now, too much big money is starting to enter the area, like circle, and darn EOS has like 5 billion in capital. People with that money are usually pretty cautious or right.

Hell no, it's a fact that as a government get involved in mostly anything, it will be ruined. They always want the biggest piece of the pie.


What are you talking about, I feel all my taxes dollars are spent the right way, and their is absolutely no waste. It is not like the government pensions aren't fair, or that our school system is top notch for all the money spent on it. Also the health care that is my largest expense even $200 a month more than my house payment, that is totally affordable. But you are right the government sucks and can't operate anything.

Steem certainly taking a lot of hits... But like a good boxer, it is staying on it's feet and soaking the pressure... Soon the counter punching will start, and Steem will swing the other way again...


Ya, what round you put us in?

WOW that's great news.
I love betcoin. thank for sharing this post.have a great day.

hahaha the truth is that if it is quite ironic, but if you think carefully is also very good investment, but only in cryptocurrencies that already progongan a guarantee that they succeed in their projects, good post friend greetings from Venezuela

Wow,,!!post yang sangat bagus nice very good luck,,!! Now many is no gear thank to@bigram13 ,saya akan promo port post anda supaya lebih mantap dan suksesss thanks!!!

I hope everything stabilizes and our currency acquires great value. We will continue at the foot of the canyon watching how the steem behaves.

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I agree with you. Good idea bro, thanks.

Obviously the price of steem is terrible right now. Just out of curiosity what kind of effect do you think Goldman Sachs purchasing poloniex via circle will have on GS?