Proper Introduction

in steemit •  9 months ago


I don't believe I have ever made a proper introduction post.

Here I am at my office.


**I took the picture with my Pixel 2.

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Hello my friend. How are you ?. Now I recognize your face clearly. Good luck always for you @bigpanda. 😊👍


I'm good, I hope you have been doing good as well.

Lol, first time I saw you :)
A little more intro would have been nice :)


I figure a picture tells a thousand words. :)

hahaha, I made the same mistake, I only introduced myself like 3 months later


I figured since I'm almost to my year mark, I better post the obligatory photo.

Cheer Up Pal, nice introduction. Nice to see you.


Hahah, I'm super tech challenged and was having a hard time taking an actual "selfie" and smiling at the same time. My kids make a bit of fun of me for this since during my day job I actually run an online retail company. Plus, the whole "selfie" thing feels a bit embarrassing to me--must be my Canadian roots peeking through. I always feel weird self promoting in any way.


In fact, @steveuk, you should have seen the first picture I took for this post. I looked so ridiculously stern I almost felt like a school marm. So I took a second picture--which you see above. Less school marm, a bit more me.


Cool it looks OK, it does not come natural to people like me and you.


Now, is that a "D" behind your head?


Yeah, I used to own a staffing company a long time ago-it sometimes feels like it was a different life. The company eventually sold for mere pennies--basically I sold it to get out from under the burden and walked away with no debt and nothing in my pocket.

I keep the big D (a part of the building sign from the staffing business) posted in my office to remind me of the lessons I learned with that venture.

Believe me--I learned a whole lot. Failure is ok as long as you fail forward and don't let it drag you down into the mud of despair and frustration.


Failure is always the best teacher. I am glad you "fail forward". This is the first time I heard that expression and it is amazing.

Great to see a face to your name, pleased to meet you!


Good to be met! :) I figured it was time to finally reveal my face since I had never gotten around to it. I'm a bit camera shy--I think I inherited that from my Grandma. She refused to take pictures. Ever. Every once in a while I was able to sneak a photo of her when she wasn't paying attention.

Thanks for sharing, nice to put a face to my book reviewer. I have to laugh reading through your comments how many are commenting on the beauty of your photography. I suspect they have that response already ready to copy paste into anyone who has high rep who uses the photo tags you used.

Anyways, looking forward to your next book review.


I've been laughing about that a bit myself. It definitely shines a light on the spam comment makers, doesn't it? Unless of course, they find me unusually beautiful--which somehow I doubt. In my mind, I'm in the average area of beautiful--like baby bear from the old Grimm fairy tale. Not too beautiful and not too hideous. Hahahahahahah.


Yes it does, I can't wait till they are flocking mine driving up my visibility.

Unless of course, they find me unusually beautiful

This cracked me up. Good that you can make light of all this.

yes I will continue to follow you friend.


Thanks my friend.


Yes you are welcome.
How are you friend

Well @bigpanda that speaks very well of you because you didn't need to do it to grow so much, your work built the road on its own.

For me, that's a great feature!

Of course, it's always good to see the person behind the texts... So, in the end, you appeared at the right time.

Have a great day at office!


Thanks! It has been good so far. Most days at the office are.

I hope you have a great day as well.

In that case, I never properly said "hi", either. So, hi.

science fiction, fantasy, erotica
new post of Andromeda is up ...
running for her life across the chain bridge, Budapest

I really miss you for here. Have a good night😊

Friend @bigpanda the good thing about your work is that you live reinventing yourself to grow, and that's good. Congratulations. Best regards.

Great post..And i appreciate your post...Resteemit...Done...

Hi @bigpanda, you welcomed me on my first introduction post in Steemit, and I would love to return the favor. Nice to 'put a face to a name' finally!

Great photography. I appreciate your post..
Thanks for sharing this post.

well its good to see you here again

Nive your photography .Looking to very smart..

haha welcome sir welcome alot dude!looking good!

Hehehe. Nice picture mr @bigpanda

Good jop friend.
I will

Hello @bigpanda that your work is mild aahahaha.

Awesome this photo, i like this bigpanda.....

wow you are looking so fine
resteemit done

Welcome :DD

Amazing your photograpy.
I like it.
Thanks for sharing cryptocurrency update providing.

hello bro! how are you? congratulations jajaj i didn't introduce myself yet jajaja maybe later. but, good for you!

Wow very interesting photography . I appreciate your photography . Best of luck .

wow..amazing photography..i appreciate this post..

That's a great photography ..I like this ..Actually this is outstanding ..
Keep it up..

your presenting style impressed me.... i think you sharing a valuable post and i like it.....

nice photo....

Nice to see you - I'm the same hate having my picture taken! Occasionally there's one that I can cope with lol

u are kool bro....more like a

Your name reminds me of camerapanda on YouTube. Same person???