I've reached 500 followers!! to celebrate im giving away 10 SBD to the best animal photo you submit in the comments

in steemit •  2 years ago  (edited)

First off, a big thank you to all my followers, you guys are absolute winners and i love each and every one of you.


To celebrate i thought i would do a little contest, As most people know animals are my thing and i don't believe life is worth living without them and my two babies Onyx(above) and Bella (my cat) mean the world to me.

So i wanna see your pets :)

doggo 10.jpg

To enter all you need to do is upvote this post and post a picture of your fur baby, it can be funny, cute, silly or whatever you like and ill decide which i like best. if there are too many good ones i may give out a second and third place but we will see how many entries we get ;)

I would muchly appreciate it if you would resteem this as well to get it to as many people as possible but it is not a requirement for entry.

Also note the quality of the photo is not of utmost importance, im more worried about your actual pet than how good your camera or photography skills are :)
I will select a winner on the 5th day this post has been up.

Again thank you to everyone that has followed me over the past few months and everyone i have had a good connection with, i hope to see much more of all of you.

Remember if you like my stuff please upvote follow or even resteem.

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Congratulations for you 500 followers! I hope you more and more successful! Today I take this picture to my girls!

awwww friendssss

are they yours? thats awesome haha

No they aren't his, this is stolen from the internet.

I have never seen baby platypusses!!!! Those wrinkles .......So cute!

These are not your pets, stealing photos of animals off the internet will not win you this contest. Reverse image search is so easy why would you even try?


that is one photogenic cat :D

He makes some hilarious faces!




He looks exactly like my Athena!

here is one of my best friend loki!

and we can't forget one of our 10 month old silly pitbul puppy rosko

Congratulations on 500 followers bro!

I love the "bully dogs" they're so misunderstood and so sweet, the only time they ever hurt someone is by accident because they dont realise how strong they are.
thanks man :)

Absolutely, they are the biggest lovers! I ended up with my first pit bull a decade ago because it was going to get put down and i couldn't let that happen.. he ended up being the sweetest, most loving, caring, heartfilled dog ever! And they were gonna put him down because of his breed! :/ i decided i would only save pit bulls on death row from then on. We are on number 4 now! And we do our best to break the stigma surrounding them :)

thats awesome man, love it. One of our friends has a pitty and you go to the park and people get scared but shes the biggest softy, ive left her to play with my rabbit and the rabbit scratches her on the nose and she whimpers and backs away like a little baby its hilarious to watch :P

Lol, thats so funny.. they are definitely softies.. how many other dogs would u trust to do that? Prolly not many, they are so trustworthy. Such great friends too :)

my mums labrador and thats about it haha

They look like real sweeties!

They are! Both of them are serious cuddle bugs! Lol.

This is Kosh. He is a terrorist:

My husband actually dedicated a whole post to the little bastard.


he looks like the devil lol

He is. And he's damn proud of it too.


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Congrats on the milestone!
To celebrate Dimi and myself had a lunch date to discuss and analyse future strategics for you to achieving the big 1K!


that actually made me laugh out loud :P what a sweetheart, all of the dogs ive had would not have enough control to sit like that when food is present

Best Buds

congratulations @bigdizzle91 and here's a picture of my dog

that is one content looking dog haha

Extra extra extra congrats on your followers! Mr popular 💖 You're awesome as is your work. Keep writing and don't forget me when you're famous!

ahahaha ill never be famous missy :)

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My Three Shepard's...Middle one is Half Australian Shepard, Half Siberian Husky Top One is Male...Bottom One is Female.........
Thy Three Shepard's., With Greek Names.....and a extra one of thy top male Shepard....
Thank You Kindly

ahh i love shephards :P theyre so smart, one of my good friends has one named zeus who is almost 1 now and hes so awesome.

Hmmmm...Interesting. And Very , to say the Least...Deja Vu Ish

Thank you Kindly

I really do think my turtle likes posing for camera's.. He is smiling if you look closely!!!!


I upvoted and resteemed and followed!

thank you ;) and damn he has such awesome colors, my mum has an australian eastern long neck turtle but they're very plain. what type is he?
turtles are awesome :P

Yellow Bellied Slider. They are illegal apparently in some places in the US. Florida (where I am at) is not illegal as they are very native to my area. I am pretty sure this one is male. He has the longer nails. I got him as a baby baby no bigger than the size of a quarter! I have upgraded their environment many times in the year and half I have had him and his brother! They get a great diet and well taken care of!

aw man wouldn't it be awesome if he stayed the size of a quarter haha

I know right! I am almost at the point of making an outdoor pond for them! I just had to fabricate their new basking rock area! It was too small now they don't have enough swimming room I don't think!



they look pretty happy to me :P

Was hard to get all three finches standing still, the coloured looks like it is telling me to go away while they eat haha.


Budgies on the other hand don't like Monday. Lazy SODs they are!


probably is, like "get that fkn camera out ma face boi"
I love budgies except my housemates one is soooo loud every morning.

Haha yeah it's going to be the next inhaling seagull!



lmfao i love that pic

Lol @thegoliath. What happened?😂

Our finches just looked like demon birds in the pics I took 😂

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aww toby, is he part chihuaha? my boss has one that hates every single person except for him and it bit me the other day haha

100% has a birth certificate and passport too!


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@bigdizzle91 Does digital art count if I show you the original too? I'd like to submit the following photograph and digital art version of a baby leopard:

Digital Art Version

Original Image

i hadn't really thought about it to be honest, prefer you own pets if possible but ill still accept it, looks awesome btw :)


oh wow, gorgeous colors :)

Hmm the Male shepard Got cut off in Picture here He is again..........IMG_0531.JPG

Thank You Kindly


My new pet :-)


heart=melted. fkn adorableeeeeee

Cutie pie!

Hi, congrats for the achievements. :)




that middle one does not look pleased about being photographed hahaha. love it and thank you:)

Thanks too. She is naturally a moody Mama cat. :P

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Hello @bigdizzle91, Congratulations! that's quite an awesome achievement. Interestingly while I was reading your post, suddenly this bird appear next to me demanding attention, so I on my camera and he just post nicely, left-right-front.. hahaha what a poser.

And it just such a coincident with your topic, just I don't have a pet lol.. but still wanna join your unique contest, it is so fun. So here is the bird, it is a Common Myna (Acridotheres tristis). Great contest @bigdizzle91. Have a great 500 followers day! See you around!

thank you :) haha he looks kind of grumpy, but i think most birds do :P

I wish I had a pet so I could enter 😭
Congrats on 500 followers! 🥇

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Hamster, right? Looks like her cheeks are full of goodies! Cutie!

Congrats on the 500 bud.

Here is Frosty and Trigger :)




they look cuddly as hell :P What breed is the puppa?

Ayy appreciate that and they sure are haha. But he is a Norwegian Elkhound. Will be 2 years old in December.


Watson wishes you a happy 500! :D

omg hahahaha that is definetly a good contender :D
he looks smarter than me haha

🤓heheh thank you! He's my funny little dude!

well, i have many fur babies. there are the ones i take care of for my landlord, the animals next door who i pretend are mine without the responsibility, and the fur baby who is my soul even tho she left the earth many years ago. also have my stuffed animals who i talk to...

what are the stuffed ones? i have an elephant called elfy and a wombat called willy lol...

i will take a photo of them. i have a whole bunch. my favorite is the wooly mammoth

Meet Truble (pronounced trouble). She is a rescue that was abused to the point she has PTSD, She also has Pica and is like having a 2 year old child where everything goes in her mouth, lol. But she is my baby girl and has a forever home.

thats horrible, at least she has a good home now and got a chance at a better life. she looks like a good lap dog

I don't understand why some people do these things. but sadly, the shelters are full of them. All 3 of our dogs were rescued from abusive homes and each was a special needs animal because of it. But when they finally break through the terror of their prior lives, they become the most lovable and caring animals you can imagine. They just need lots of love!

me either, the amount of people who dump their pets for no good reason is disgusting, they really need to start looking at them as family not a toy

You are correct. I read an article just the other day about how when a TV show like Game of Thrones show a lot of a specific type of dog or cat, suddenly thousands of people want them. They don't take the time to figure out what that specific type of animal needs or how they behave and when they can't deal with their behavior, off to the dog pound they go. They say shelters across America are filled with these animals.

yea i heard that too, any dog that looks like a dire wolf apparently... bastards.

Slowly people are starting to wake up, but we just have to keep reminding them, animals are a responsible. You hold their life in your hands.

Britt the diva is here to take your sbd for doggy treat she would like to thank you in advance and worship her :)

i can just picture that bum waggling back and forth in anticipation :P

:) shes full of energy !

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This is a cat I saved about 6 months ago
It was tied up with a rope by some bushes
It was very skinny and dehydrated
I took it home washed it, feed it and took it to an animal shelter for adoption as it was the kindest kitten ever
I miss It 😘

aww thats horrible, i never understood why people do that sort of shit when they have the option to surrender it if they really have to. i would never give up one of my pets but if i was forced too id make sure it had somewere to go not just leave it wherever. makes me sad and mad :(

Honestly I wanted to keep it myself but since I already had a cad and a dog inside my house I had to give it to animal shelter
However there are so many shit people around this planet with no soul at all that Killed and mistreated animals just because the poor animals don't have the power to respond and fight back

Thank you very much for your comment
Have a lovely time Steeming

You didn't mention when the contest will end. When will it end or when is the last day you are accepting pet photos?

ah my bad, ill edit it now. ill decide on day 5 that this post has been up.

Congrats to you @bigdizzle91 🎊🎉 .Seeing all these pet pictures made me want to show you guys mine too.And I don't have any fur babies,its a scaly baby or fin baby.I only had fishes as my pet.I had a pair of gold fish too before.This one was gifted by my collegues on my farewell 😍I fell in love on the very first sight. Its been 5 months.But she seems sick now a days.😞Too sluggish and is loosing this magestic color.

poor thing, shes very beautiful, have you tried freshing her water or even trying to find a slightly larger tank that someone is throwing out? i dont know alot about fish im afraid but my sister has a bunch of them. very pretty either way

Yes,ofcourse I did.They were kept in an even smaller tank in the shop.I bought her this bigger one.I change the water every 3 days even though I was adviced to change it only in 5 day interval .This is beta fish and they don't want pure fresh water like the very delicate gold fish.I am planning to get her an aquarium itself now.

I hate to burst your bubble but She is a He!
The fancy long fins is what differentiate between a male from a female.

did you just assume her gender? lol

No, I am speaking the truth.
I used to raise fish when I was a kid. I probably had almost every kind of freshwater fish there is including Beta fish or Siamese fighting fish.

Oops I dint notice this comment.
I had an intuition that she is a he.But still typed she.Lols.By the way thats a great info.😊

Maggie and Charlie....

aww thats adorable, wish my cats would get along...

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Baxter Dan.JPG
(the late) Baxter Dan Ellsworth III - rest in peace buddy

he looks so happy about having his picture taken.. haha, poor fellow sorry for ur loss :(

Here is our kitten Freddie to say congratulations on your milestone and wishing you an awesome day. She is taking a quick catnap but asked me to pass on her wishes to you. :) Have a great day. Thanks for the great contest.

cat cuddles are the best cuddles :P

Yes they are and she loves to give them all the time. She thinks she needs to be attached to you everywhere you go. We found her stranded and lost from her mom so we took her in and she has been spoiled ever since :)

Congratulations on 500 followers, many more to come I'm sure!

Here's a picture of my cat when she was just a wee fluff ball!


Another with her much less glamorous.


And one more where she's hiding and you can't see her!


that last picture under the table is adorable :D

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have i shown you our cat? her name is Kasia... she is like 16 but looking as cute as ever...

aww man she looks gorgeous, looks damn good for 16, my last cat made it to 19 i think but she looked like skeletor lol

My love, Pika

awww i like him, what is he a cross between?

She is a girl, actually :)
Golden retriever and I think a a Romanian Mioritic Shepard, but I am not sure

ma bad haha. certain animals i just seem to pick the same gender no matter what.

Well, she acts like a dominant male, marking her territory outside. I have had a male dog and also I still have an other female, and Pika's behavior definitely resembles the one of a male.
But sometimes, she is very humble, especially when she wants something :)
Begging for food :)



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Lilu, Young and Older

This is one of our four kitties, Lilu.
kitty pics 033.jpg


Oh my goodness, so pretty, what kind is she!?

she looks big now haha

She's not fat, just "fluffy", she swears! LOL

She is a mix. Mama was a Tortoise shell. Daddy was a tuxedo. Lilu was one of four kittens: 1 Marmelade male, 2 a long hair black and white female 3. a mostly black male (just a touch of white hairs on neck) and 4 Lilu who started out as a slightly fluffy grey and white, it seemed and more colors developed over time. Vet Classifys her as short-hair (albeit slightly fluffy) domestic :)

Wow! Her facial features remind me of my cat, who is a Siberian

Thank you, I think she is beautiful. I may be biased. :)

Yay! I love being asked to share pics of my cat, because I usually force people to look at pics when they don't want to because I'm so obsessed with her. LOL Here is one of my sweet baby, Gracie. When my Mom saw this picture she said, "she is more photogenic than you!" hahahaha

A real cutie!


awww she is cute, i do the same i just show people whether they like it or not haha.

lol yep!!! I will go thru my entire CATalog if they let me :oP

I dont have any pets lol thats not fair

This is Tiff at about 10 months old.
This is her happy pose! Do you see her smile?
Happy Tiff 2.jpg

I am not sure how many photos we can submit but I have more of Tiff in different poses.

as many as u want (within reason) lol