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HODL - Because even morons know to HOLD! It is a simple concept and I am asked at least 10 times a week what it means. It is a joke that we all stand behind that shows how we are so long, the concept of selling makes us unable to spell properly! True crypto freaks like myself buy and buy and buy and we don't look back to fiat.. Many people trading to fiat are only in it for the big returns. But as the insiders know this is the future! I leave you with this to think about..


HODL untill you do not need no more is a powerful thought. Here is the original meme:
original Bitcoin Matrix meme


Yes I couldn't find it at the time posting this! thanks for sharing!

Janitor unit remembers when the first time HODL was spoken in chat by a drunken human unit who caused a typgroaphical error. Unit was urging others to "Hold Paycoin". It then caught on as a crypto human unit social norm. Janitor unit had indexed HODl into units database of words.

Hahaha that is the best post I think I have ever seen!

It was hilarious, I found the link to it the other day while trying to explain it to my girlfriend, here it is: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=375643.0


Ha, love the sign

As a dyslexic person, I found HODL very appropriate.

I agree I see patterns when I see words so HODL and HOLD just seem the same =D

I sell you my house for 0.00001 BTC one day

Good to see @alphacore anime unit here.

It is going to be sweet when people realize FIAT is the scam and that crypto is the only real currency left!

I'll give you 0.00002 BTC right now @alphacore!

Im dead right now hahahaha! This is so true. Tbh for months I couldn't figure it out haha! I don't know why i'm still laughing at this!!!

HA! Glad it was of some use to you! Feel free to resteem and follow me for more!

@bigdeej Hey buddy! Nice content. I dropped to this profile by chance but
I upvoted and followed you since you truly deserve it !

check out my profile and upvote and follow, too. fetmom - real estate investor and donator!

Thanks I'm glad it was of some use to you! Followed you as well!

People don't get that once fiat fails crypto is the only currency left!

So true, it is about getting as much crypto as we can now while the Fiat is still worth something!

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