How (and Why) to make ShadowBot your Witness Voting Proxy! [Pro Tips]

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Do you have all of your Witness Votes utilized? Many (including myself up until recently) have had nearly 0 of their Witness Votes cast. This is very similar to allowing only a few active people to vote while the rest of us live with their decision. We are given a voice through voting for Witnesses and the fact is most do not use it.

What is a Witness?

Steem operates using something called Delegated Proof Of Stake or dPOS for short. DPOS is much like the American form of government, most people simply vote for the representative(s) that are most inline with their beliefs and desires. A Witness is your elected representative for Steem. Each Witness has the ability to mint new blocks into the blockchain, include and verify transactions, as well as set a price feed for the internal STEEM/SBD market.

Since there are only 21 Witnesses at any given time able to mint blocks, AND, 20 of those 21 are decided by who has the most Witness Votes, assigning a Proxy to cast those votes ensures your votes are not being wasted!

What is Witness Voting?

The rank a Witness has is determined by the amount of votes they have received. Each Steemian's vote for witness is directly related to how much Steem Power they have vested. When you vote for a Witness, you are helping to decide who should have the authority to create new blocks on Steem.

What is Witness Proxy Voting?

This all may seem very confusing by now, and to be honest, this short post could not possibly go into all the details about Witnesses. However, one of the greatest features is Witness Proxy Voting. Steem allows you to assign your votes for witnesses to another user! This means a user (such as @shadowbot) that is very active and knowledgeable in deciding who to vote for as witnesses can now vote on your behalf as well! You no longer need to check up on all 20 Witnesses you are voting for! Allowing another user such as @shadowbot to decide on your behalf frees up your time while still ensuring you are utilizing your witness votes effectively.

How do I assign a Proxy (@shadowbot) for my Witness Voting?

Simple! Follow the 5 steps below:

  1. Head to the Vote for Witness page.

  2. At the very bottom of the page you will see "You can also choose a proxy that will vote for witnesses for you. This will reset your current witness selection."

  3. Type in shadowbot and click "SET PROXY".

  4. You will be asked to login using your active key. Sign in with your active or master key.

  5. You have now set @shadowbot as your Witness Voting Proxy!

Why should I assign ShadowBot as my Witness Proxy?

ShadowBot has been part of the Steem community for over 9 months now and goes through serious vetting processes before endorsing and voting for any witness. We also monitor all our chosen witnesses on a regular basis and will remove anyone that is not up to our standards.


Dude, best explanation on Witness voting that I’ve seen. I really didn’t understand the concepts before.

Glad it helps, I will do a more detailed write up on witnesses soon. Most people should probably assign a proxy though if they are not keeping up on who they are voting for witness.

I think every Steemian needs to read this. The privilege to vote for a witness is a unique one and no one should lose such. We should all utilize it for the common good of all users.

It really is a unique system! Unfortunately, many users are unable to know what makes a good Witness. This is where proxy voting comes in. Assigning your votes to a steemian you trust to make these decisions allows you to utilize your votes while not having to learn all the technical aspects of what makes a good Witness.

Already done last time, shadowbot announced to endorse a witness. 😎

Good to see an explanation for other users. 👍

Hope it helps a few people! Glad to have your support! Every steemian needs to realize how we alone may be small but combined we are a power! 450k SP we Shadow Casters are together already! That is whale power!

Thank you so much for your support!

I trust shadowbot and chose him as a proxy.
You do a good job. Thank you for this work.

Glad we can provide this service to everyone (for free)! We work hard to make sure the best of the best are who we vote for! We constantly are looking at witnesses and determining who to add/remove from our list of votes! We appreciate so much your decision to choose @shadowbot as you proxy! Most steemians do not even vote let alone know what to look for! We ensure the people we vote for are qualified both technically and hardware/software wise! We also look at their community support and ensure they are not just in it for themselves! If you make a post you can enter the latest Shadow Rank boost "contest":

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hai ... a very beautiful and interesting post worth a count on, successful greeting .. please support for us who have not

Verry nice post big thumbs up and a resteem from my side for hard work and dedication

Thank you for this good explanation about witness @bigdeej . i will do it now..

Wow.. Thanks @bigdeej for sharing such an innovative article that will be beneficial to all concerned.. This should be the #1 goal for every steemian...
I just followed the procedure and I have voted...
The is an ample opportunity we all need to utilize.. Kudos

Will we get for ex let.s say, 2-3 times per week, a bigger upvote from shadowbot? Like a " i scratch your back, you scratch mine":)? And i already voted now:)

No we are working to support the entire steem community with this effort. this is not a shadowbot effort alone!

I know @bigdeej , thank you for your answer:). I was 50-50 joking. Why aren.t some dolphins or whales delegating to shadow bot? Is the best i've ever used and continously use for like 3 months...deserves to have over 30000 Sp voting power...

We have 2 whales in @grandpawhale and @staticinstance we are always gathering more SP and powering up personally as well as giving more to @shadowbot! Once we get @shadowchat and @shadowbook online things will scale up HUGE!

Oh oh i can't wait @bigdeej ! If i can help in any way please just..shout out or message:). When will you release these "lil'" goodies?