Your Content is Enough! [Caring for Our Current Community]

in steemit •  5 months ago

Hi guys!

So just a little food for thought today sparked by a great post from @nonameslefttouse.

We are enough.

Our content is enough.

We're good enough, we're smart enough and gosh darn it people like us.

Hahahaha jk jk.

But in all seriousness, I really think he hits the nail on the head in one of his most recent blogs, which is about caring for the community we have, rather than seeking one out that isn't here, or constantly pressuring those here just doing their thang to change.

I talk about it more in depth while preparing dinner!

Hope you all had a Wonderful Wednesday!

Catch ya later!

  • Beth

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Nice post , amazing food .

Keep good work of every time .

Thanks for sharing @betheheatcraft

Yeah, you are right, simplisity makes our life easier. Not only the high quality has to be promoted, sometimes just good ideas are good to support, thanks for giving us hope that dtube will be never like youtube. ☺

Amazing dinner and your post were beautiful all the time and thanks for sharing it.

Like buskers in a park.

Ever see those paintings? Artist renditions of ancient Greece. Gatherings of people sharing knowledge in a public space. Such is life, here. This has been going on for thousands of years. We're not doing anything wrong. We're just doing our thing. Those who say this is all just some kind of experiment must not get out much and don't know their history.



Gah, I kept trying to think of that word off the top of my head and it wasn't coming to me.

It has made me think the last couple of days though, about everything!


I see the warning that you say inappropriate things sometimes...

WOW! That is what is up!!!
I really liked everything you had to say!
seriously !!!

Real talk from Beth! Love it. I thought the same thing, why does it dtube have to be youtube? It's totally different and I kinda like it that way and I'm sure a lot of others do, same with steemit in general. Great post Beth.

Another nice piece from the gutsy redhead. Love it. Yes indeed, why the hell not build those who you are in bed with already instead of finding a new community. What was for dinner?

@bethwheatcraft I think everyone keeps saying it is going to be the new youtube because the only thing many people know is youtube. I do agree that it can and should be recognized and it's own thing. Another reason people may say that because it does look similar to youtube. In the end they are totally different if you look hard enough. Especially from the creator side of it.

i dont think we should be worried about the content being offered in the platform. this is because with time we will experience natural selection in the platform. people with high quality content will gain huge following thus making a good sum of cash out of it. by so doing, the rest of the community will be forced to level up.

I feel my new content my most recent work is the best i have done i just wish i could reach more people on here any tips?

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Thank you ;)

Great message here. I used to question whether what I was sharing really had enough value. I was concerned that my posts would be too eclectic or the topics too widespread, but I've had followers tell me that's what they like about having me in their feed. They never know what they're going to get.



It's all about what's important to the community, well and ourselves of course.

I think as long as we stay focused on that, everything will run smoothly!