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What is this and why is it in my wallet ?

{ "type": "comment_benefactor_reward", "benefactor": "esteemapp", "author": "beriberi", "permlink": "bethel-alaska-on-solstice-midnight-sun-2017621t193439379z", "reward": "14.483382 VESTS" }

It doesn't appear to have changed the balance of anything. But?

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Everything that you upvote should give you a small reward once the voting period on the post has closed. (7 days)

The value of the reward depends on how well the post you voted on did and how much Steem power you have.

You might not notice the balance go up specifically because of this one vote as the value of the reward might be bundled in with other rewards and shown on the 'claim rewards' figure.

Yes, you might have plenty of those. They are the Vests associated with an upvote on one of your comments. There is probably with the same timestamp a bit of SBD that went with it - they are just listed separately.

Thanks. That is helpfull.

huh...I only have two of them and they came at the same time. They reference posts that I wrote. Looking more closely, I think they have to do with the two posts I wrote from the esteem app (before it auto logged me out and now it seems like too much trouble to log back in). Thanks for the info.

I've never seen that before. I'm not sure.

Interesting. I don't have anything like that in mine. I'll keep checking back to see if you get an answer. Good luck.

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