Bug report: Powerdown only 10% of what it should be [Resolved]

in #steemit6 years ago (edited)

So yesterday my first powerdown happened.

But because I have 2m vests my power down should have been around 2m/104= 19.230,77 vests.

It only powered down 2337,22 vests, which is a little more than 10% of  what should have happened.

Did I make some kind of mistake or is this a bug? 


Your wallet history says

1 week ago Start power down of 243070.934340 VESTS

You have received slightly less than 1% of that, which looks OK.

I can also see that you received ~450 steem power as author rewards during the last week. The vests behind these new SP haven't been powered down yet, which explains the difference.

Ah I guess that would be it, thank you for clearing it up for me. I always thought it would power down the vests you had at the end of the power down period, instead of at the start.

Will it stay stuck at 243.000 vests or will it automatically change next week? in other words do I have to manually refresh the power down every week?

The powerdown of your 243k vests will continue for 103 weeks, then it is complete.
If you want to power down the rest, you can cancel the current powerdown and start a new one (that will take 104 weeks).

I'll monitor this thread for responses. Interested to hear the outcome.

me too :/ Keep us posted please @bergy

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