Advertising Steemit: campaign results

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The campaign I have been running to advertise steemit on has ended yesterday, and I'm sharing the results in this post.

The advertisement looked like this:

The initial campgain was 20.000 impressions in 30 days. I have since then quaddroupled the amount of impressions with the earnings from previous posts. I then decided to halve the timespan of the campaign to 15 days, to boost the amount of new users per week. 

These are the results:

As you can see it cost me $0,99 per click to the site. In addition to brand awareness, the campaign got 464 people to see the steemit homepage, and hopefully will have attracted alot of new users. In my opinion this is money well spent, and I'm looking to extend the campaign.

Follow me for further updates


Really good campaign, 464 people is a lot then they might tell more people. nice work ;)

Thank you, I too am hoping for this butterfly effect.

I cannot believe this dude spent 460 dollars promoting steemit and got 42 cents.

Muy bueno son los resultados, Me gusta lo que has publicado y muchas gracias por compartirlo. Si deseas podes visitar mi blogg, votar, seguirme o compartir con tus amigos Gracias.

Este hijo de puta es un robot (this son of a bitch is a bot). <--- you see you need no google if you have me.
Edit: removed downvote, he just says/paste nearly the same thing every time)

Thank god for google translate.

Now I think, there will be a good tendency up

The rise active in users has been incredible

Nice campaign and great stats!

thanks, good luck with the billboard campaign!

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