We Need A Consensus On How To Credit Photos & Quotes Easily

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Drag & Drop URL To Give Photo & Text Credit


Image Credit

While this may not be an improvement that needs to be done immediately, maybe @blueorgy or another awesome developer could make giving credit to photos easier. I use the a href then URL tags (for those familiar with coding, but maybe the source URL could be added to the photo so when you hover over it the author of the photo can be seen or it could be visible in the corner. Citing different photos can be a bit time consuming and this would also be a nice feature for quoted text

Maybe some people do not like this format and have other suggestions, but I'm guessing the majority of us that are not creating photos are using pictures searched for on google images. Some people post the credits for pictures at the end and some people do not know how to credit photos at all. I believe this will be an important feature in the future. Maybe there could even be a way to give a small percentage to the author of the picture if it is open source, or to a youtube video etc.

What are your thoughts? Maybe I'm making this a larger issue than it needs to be and people are ok with the way it is. I'm also pretty certain that most people don't click to check if a photo cite is valid and some people may not be giving accurate credit to others hard work. I try to do my best to credit the creator, but am not sure how to credit pictures I photoshop with multiple images and the copyrights that may apply. At what point does it become my own photo? Anyone in the legal field is welcome to weigh in, because I'm not quite sure what will happen if someone were to post copyrighted content whether a song, movie, software and have it forever in the blockchain. Could that be hidden after it has been stored in a block? To the best of my knowledge once it has been stored, it can be retrieved forever regardless if it is hidden and I don't know how government or DCMA will respond when that inevitably happens (if it has not already).

Interested in hearing your thoughts on this topic. Have a blessed day all. Steem on!

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I'm not the right person to give an opinion not understand much about it, but it is an issue that worries a lot, excellent pos friend @ bendjmiller222 /, go ahead with your project congratulations


Thanks for your support @jlufer Hopefully it will attract the attention of some other users and we can iron this out if the community sees it as an issue, both from a time standpoint and a legal one.

I do the format at the bottom and add (1)-(2)-(3) with the each image inside each number.


I know some people like to cite photos underneath, some on, and some at the end. As long as people see credit being given where it should be I think that's good. Not everyone knows how to add links or shorten them. A lot do, but I think if you use a lot of different photos from other sources there should be a way to easily attach where it is from. Some sort of metadata that is embedded (if that does not exist already).

I don't think people are trying to take credit for photos that are clearly not theirs, but as a community if someone doesn't cite a pic should they be called out or not receive reward (that would be a bit extreme, but i do see the possibility of lawsuits). If I were to make a post that earned $5,000 and I used a photo without crediting the author, would they be entitled to a slice of that pie. Nobody is going to get bent out of shape over a dollar post, but I'd rather have something set that people can easily use when they are posting pictures, long quotes, videos etc that is not theirs.

I have no real fair rights usage knowledge outside of a class in college so I'm not sure exactly how to approach everything so I thought I'd bring it up to the community as a whole and maybe it can be discussed further in some way.


agreed, people definitely need to be given credit some how. I am surprised when I sometimes see some of the top posters here on steemit not crediting their sources. I also agree it would help if their was a mechanic in the system that helped make it easier to cite sources, It takes me a surprising amount of time to cite all of my sources with each article I write.

Yeah I think they should be called out. Yeah I think should earn their "slice of the pie".

Neither do I, but this should be approached as more of a morality thing that we should address and then the legal aspect will also be fixed at the same time.

This is a good topic to bring up.

My opinion would be that the reference should be near the image. This shows the most transparency and you really can't go wrong doing that.

Listing a URL as a link or using "Image Credit" should not matter.


True. I'm more interested in making it as easy as possible to cite outside sources and also to not have a whole url cluttering up the bottom or near the picture. Maybe something you could see by hovering over a photo. Pictures maybe could eventually be dragged and dropped with the photo uploading to steemimg and copying the embed code instead of manually doing it. Similar to facebook. I think this is due to the size this would add instead of linking outside like we do now (I could be wrong in that).

It' s a difficult subject but something to help credit the creator would be good. Not sure how it could be done though as I'm not a coder!


I was thinking of some way to maybe have an option in steemimg after you upload your photo to copy and paste the source url underneath. So that info would be somehow embedded into the picture itself. I know photos can store the type of camera and some details when you click on properties, so I think this must be possible.

If I were to use 10 different photos and some text, I would much rather have a quick way to copy and paste instead of making something that looks ugly with a hyperlink underneath or something at the end.

It may already exist, but I thought I'd bring it up since I know it might be difficult for some who are great writers but not tech savvy to figure out how to do. The easier the better I think for every aspect of posting.


Yes actually the EXIF stores lots of metadata. If SteemImg could read and right to that it could work:)


Maybe I'll check with blueorgy and see what type of work that would take and how hard it would be to use. I love the community knowledge that gets shared here. Thanks @thecryptofiend

Citing photos, especially if they're not mine is really a task - even if they are Creative Commons (CC), like Pixabay, I try to link to the originator so they can get more traffic or tips.
I would love a drag and drop option with a pop-up prompting for a citation or link, but perhaps something that like would really require a whole platform change...and that may not go over too well with the users. But I'm not a dev either. Thankfully I know enough HTML and markdown to format my posts the way I like them....and I try very hard to keep the policy of DO THE RIGHT THING.


yes if the info could be embedded in the photo itself that'd be awesome or a way to when you download a photo to have the info stored within it (or at the bottom of the photo/linked) so you could have the option to see the source with a hover and still be able to have a click do a different feature like take you to another section or page.

I always want to give credit. But then if I photoshop a picture using ten different original photos do i have to cite each one or is it now my photo? I'm not quite sure to be honest, but it would be nice to know if any lawyers could give us a best practice for those of us that do photoshop or combine photos etc.