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Why Steemit Is A Giant Circle-Jerk And How To Make It Work In Your Favor

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The value droped hard since december.

But even if it wouldn't have: Just because some people buy SBD that doesn't mean that a content creator here on steemit gains additional SBD. He only would get additional SBD if someone who bought SBD would transfer it to his steemit, convert it to steempower and upvote the content creator (effectively tipping him with his own money).
But this kind of generosity isn't seen often in the internet.

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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That's a market correction, show me the 100 MA. Value and rewards are tied together, the more STEEM and SBD is utilized and powered up the more it's value will continue to rise and the more the rewards will increase, and the money I am talking about aren't the day traders, the money I am talking about is the platform itself, and it exists solely because there was a demand for a public forum since time immemorial. Competition will come (EOS) and might take a lot of the users away, even then people could still make money on the platform since rewards are spread around, and it's incentive to curate means it doesn't require patrons but only an audience to make money.

Lol sir, the value has dropped since December just like all other CryptoCurrencies... The market was/is in a market correction. Come back a year from now and SBD will be an incredibly higher value.

You do know Voting Power recharges right? So it's almost like you have infinite $0.03. Now let's say hundred people with VP worth 0.03 vote you. Boom $3.

If one is still not ready to vote others after knowing the fact that they're not losing anything permanently by doing so, then I'd say it's a problem of their selfishness and sadistic nature, rather than this website.