Gold Rush Nowadays: Out of Stock all GPUs

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Hey friends

We've got gold rush madness in Ukraine and Russia :)

Vendors of GPUs in Ukraine and Russia about the situation with a deficit and a sharp rise in demand for mining cryptocurrency farm.

In Shops - The empty box or Examples of GPU

The massive hype began in late May and early June, he moved to the fever. According to my friend (his a Vendor), the GPU cards is now taking 10, 20, 30 or even 100 pieces at once - for of mining, ie production cryptocurrency.

The situation is complicated by the fact that there is no place where can buy or order GPU cards and by the sellers of stores - the party delayed.
In search of a wider range, I go back in three stores, where the windows are also boxes with graphics. Vendors are recognized: all the boxes empty.

All stores assemble a farms

Although graphics cards unavailable in the stores is out of stock, or almost out of it, everywhere collect farm for mining. Farms harvested manually making racks of metal parts, and reflash chips themselves (disperse) for maximum performance: the higher hash rate

I visited the shop directly front of mу in the window stands a homemade stand for five chips from MSI. The farm is already connected to a pool of computers producing cryptocurrency: a computer connected to the Internet via LTE-dongle that connects via USB. Hot air is blown away from the graphics card in the direction of the Chinese fans: the room quite hot.

According to the leaks, 27 June should start selling video cards Radeon Vega Frontier Edition from AMD. They are considered the main competitor of GeForce GTX 1080 Ti (masthead chip from Nvidia), but the project is still shrouded in an aura of mystery.

Perhaps the situation will reverse the change of computational complexity for the popular cryptocurrency if his raise, mining will be economically inefficient. But it is precise, for this reason, has not Bitcoin Main: his place was taken by the young cryptocurrency that so far only gain cost and are relatively easy to Maine. Cease to produce Zcash, Litecoin and Etherium - will produce others.

Thank you for attention

Best Regards

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Great article! There is similar stuff going on in other parts of the world too. In the US, high powered graphics cards sell out pretty fast as well and can be bought on places like Ebay for WAY much more money.

I'm not a miner myself. Seems like I missed the boat on getting profitable from it. I'll just keep on trading . . . me trying to mine would kind of be like this . . haha


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hmmm, testing this out . . . interesting


Big hype around mining and AMD and Geforce already raised prices :(


Are you trading in bitcoins? I am interested to learn if you are. Thanks

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Its nice for amd or nvidia, they have money to do new card and have a nice future. Its not really nice for gamers and crypto farmer. More to invest for the same, more competition, lower reward. Few years ago it was the same. Thats how you end by useless crypto mining farm. Difficulty go up more and more, you ending by remove the interess for the mining for low player. And by have no way to win on your invest.

love the animation on the end. that's super cute! :)