Behind Steemit #1 - Introduction and Overview about this project (+ First Samples)

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Hi, Steemians, today i want to welcome you to a project i started with my team some months ago collecting some intereseting information that made us observe Steemit from another perspective.

What's Behind Steemit?

In this project we will not accuse anyone, we will only show the information that goes unnoticed by the common user, and even, for the whales.

We believe that it is unfair that a lot of information that should be public, is not displayed openly. For this reason, we created this initiative, which aims to show strange transactions and movements that happen behind the scenes. In addition to attaching reliable information about the events described above.

Obviously, without evidence, no case is sustained. Every user named in these posts will have his opportunity to explain his case or not, this is a free platform and as such, any person should have the right to question what you see in it.

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Do you count with any SP delegation? What will you do if you get downvoted?

We actually don't count with any SP delegation. If we get downvoted, we will still be posting because this is a project made by and for the community. We only want a more open and transparent platform.

What tools do you use?

We get the most information from the SQL server, then search it in SteemD and then capture it as proof so it is more "eye-friendly" to the common user

Let's start with some information

Users involved
@c75c39f25a90, @steemit2, @captiva

This is an account made just to upvote whales


If we go back, we can see that an account called Steemit2 transfered him some money

descarga (2).png

And then he POWERED UP


Started to upvote and downvote massively


His lastest transactions were made to take the money out, wether it be another account or an exchange/wallet.


Transactions movements from @Steemit2


This take us to a similar user. Money received from @steemit2


Downvoting and upvoting massively and then taken all the money out from Steemit.



  • What can we see here? A legal account (@steemit2) sending money to some accounts making them whales and making them upvote and downvote at convenience. Then... taking the money out.

  • This is just the top of the iceberg, we have tons of information that we will we posting eventually. Hope you guys can support us to make a more clean and transparent community.


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the blockchain is transparent for a reason. If someone wasn't analyzing the data, then we'd be missing out on one of the most beautiful features of the blockchain. I'm no Pollyanna, but I'm not a DoomSayer either.

I heard that these are transfers to various contractors from steemit.. however.. that's just a rumour at the moment, since it's just something that i heard, and I don't have all of the data. Data is our friend.

Awesome I upvoted and will be voting more thanks to the recommendation from @inquiringtimes!


knowledge is power

now this is the stuff I love to see. this posts should also have the #bisteemit tag as I know many of them will be interested in this


Thank you @paulag, will take your advice.

Interesting, I'm curious to see what you uncover and what what means for the average user on Steemit.


It will not mean anything to us. It is the way it is we can ask ourselves what others are doing, or we can ask ourselves if SteemIt has the ability to improve our lives. It is that simple. Does SteemIt have something to offer me. Yes or No.


Thank you, we're just going to unveil what a regular user can't see.

I find it interesting there's two places where Charlie Shrem is mentioned. One is receiving 1k plus from him, then captiva upvotes a post that mentions him specifically.

Perhaps tug on that thread to see where it goes?

Appreciate your analysis. Only by examining the data in the public blockchain will we get an understanding of what is going on.

This is gatekeeper information. I'll keep an eye on this.

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Well would you look at that.
Just look at it

Looks like I am going about this the wrong way.