What makes Steem Platform so Superior and Ahead - refresh

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So this is a post i made quite some time ago and i've read it again today. I'm really surprised and grateful that steemit is really made it this far and it keeps on growing!

FIRST OF ALL - Rewards:

I know Steemit is quite a young platform but it already started to be the next big thing among bloggers and other people. What other platform can make you money by blogging? I think none. This feature really makes Steemit ahead compared to social media networks.

SECOND OF ALL - Blogging an Interacting With Other Users:

Blogging has never been so fun and productive and ithink many of you would agree with me on this. I never blogged beforeand i thought i never will but then i was searching for something on google and the Steemit result came as second i opened it and in the post there was everything i needed so i thought i'll check this platform out. It literally took 5min and i was hooked and created my own Steemit profile. I also started blogging and it's really great. So this leads to interaction with other users. This is one of the best ideas on Steemit that everyone can see upvote, comment and resteem any post, this is really the big charm of this community.

THIRD OF ALL - Learning:

Steemit offer so much themes on blogging that are just rising and rising and with all the posts you can really learn so much thing it's great. I even started to be interested in artwhichi thought i'd never be. We also have so much posts about Crypto that are really damn interesting to read and you can really learn a lot just bo scrolling and reading all the great articles here and the best part is we have everything in one place you don't have to check 10 pages on the net just to get what you are looking for if you know what i mean. So i really learned a lot already and can't wait to learn more!

4TH OF ALL - Practicing English:

This might be funny to some people but i think most users here in Steemit speak English but it's not their mother/native language so with all the commenting and posts you create you're actually practicing english which i think is awesome!

So here were the 4 things i think makes Steemit really ahead of other social media platforms and i hope you agree.


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