Where Have I Been ? & Is Neo A Good Investment ?

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First and foremost.... I apologize for my absence, I’ve had financial and work restrictions that needed to be worked out. With that being said, I am deeply sorry I could not come through with the giveaway and won’t hold anymore until I figure out my finances. Now to the bread and butter of this post


First, what is NEO ( quoted from official website https://neo.org/ )
NEO, formerly Antshares, is China's first ever open source blockchain. Founded in 2014, NEO’s mission has been to reinvent the way commerce is done. We believe technology drives progress and together we can create the future. Motivated by this, NEO has been created to shift our traditional economy into the new era of the Smart Economy.


Through technologies such as P2P networking, dBFT consensus, digital certificates, Superconducting Transactions, and cross-chain interoperability the NEO blockchain enables management of smart assets in an efficient, safe and legally binding manner.

China's first original public chain
NEO project started in 2014 and has been open-source on Github since 2015. NEO applies unique technologies adapted for future industry demand, and is the strongest comprehensive domestic public blockchain.

Underlying design supports multiple types of digital assets
NEO underlying technology supports multiple types of digital assets. Users can register, transfer and trade at will on NEO.

Use digital certificate to guarantee trust
Digital certificates are supported, placing trust into the public chain. This provides full legal protection for all assets digitized through the NEO platform.

Superconductive trade mechanism
Facilitate P2P exchange of digital assets. Buyers and sellers of digital assets and currencies will be handled peer-to-peer without the need for third party exchanges.

Turing-complete smart contract
Turing-complete smart contract, which will have high certainty and finality, support parallel operation, sharding and unlimited scalability when run in NeoVM.

Program smart contract with advanced languages
NeoContract supports multiple programming languages such as C#, Java, and Go. Developers can rapidly develop smart contracts based on the NEO platform without learning a unique language.

Light-weight stack NeoVM (NEO Virtual Machine)
Neo Virtual Machine (NeoVM): NEO's lightweight stack-based virtual machine provides shorter startup times with efficient execution. Deterministic calling tree technology allows NEO to achieve unlimited theoretical scalability.

Innovative dBFT consensus mechanism
Consensus nodes use Byzantine Fault Tolerance Algorithm to reach consensus and ensure the finality of transactions. It also ensures that the system keeps its finality and availability as long as Byzantine fault occurs on less than 1/3 of the nodes.

Original Cross-chain interoperation protocol
Comprises Cross-chain Assets Swap Protocol and Cross-chain distributed transaction protocol and can achieve atomic assets swap and guarantee the operation consistency of smart contracts executed on different chains.

Lattice cryptology-quantum computer-proof technology
Introduced Lattice cryptography-based signing and encryption techinique to avoid quantum crisis by turing encryption and decryption problem into the Shortest Vector Problem(SVP) which cannot be solved by current quantum computers.
This seems like a very well put together cryptocurrency, I’m really looking forward to investing before the price goes over $100. I’m not advising but simply placing a gentle nudge, this could be huge ! I look forward to your comments below👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼

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NEO is a solid long-term investment. I bought in at $31, and even having come down from $51 I'm still nicely making profit. I can easily see it surpassing ETH's marketcap still this year.


I don't see how they can go over ETH's marketcap. That would happen only if they capitalize on the hype in Japan and China. Could happen? I guess. But technology wise NEO is still far from ETH, especially on the number of developers.
The promise that chinese devs will jump into this is also worrisome, as we would be depending on one community that would be difficult to be up to date with from the outside. So NEO is more a gamble than anything else. And a good marketing product so far. Look at all the terms they use to describe the technology. Sounds like a perfect Ponzi scheme leaflet.

The problem is that everyone you come across is invested on the things/coins they talk about, so it is difficult to find non-biased info.


damn $31? were back there again at least! i got in at $22

I believe in NEO, I just wish had purchased a few when they were $400(Antshares) SMH
BUT, we can't get them all @least I can't just yet but am striving to!

Very great run dWn 0n NEO, resteemed
Glad your back on the grind and nice cover-wall


Thanks ! I’m glad to be back😎

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