What I Look For In ICO’s

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Welcome to BitCast! Today I talk about a plan I have to earn some passive income using ICO’s, take note that nearly 50% of them fail so choose wisely. First and Foremost, if you’re not using my rRs system you’re doing steemit wrong. Resteem my post’s to earn free steem! Ok so here’s what I look for in a ICO, I’m going list them below

1. Transparency

The first thing I do is try see if I can verify who the developers are back check their work. That could help the validity of the project.

2. Use and or Functions

Other than being a currency, what does the product offer that could give it actual value.

3. Working Prototype

Is there a prototype of the utility coin/token functionality, showing investors a working product.

Those were my things to look for investing into ICO’s, if you have any to add please do so in the comments below. IF YOU WANT ME TO CHART A COIN PLEASE REQUEST BELOW ⤵️ For more of my thoughts on cryptocurrency please click the bitCast link in my signature to listen to my podcast have a great day !

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Amen to number 2! I see so many that have no reason to be, or a very, very niche market - one for dentists comes to mind. I need to pay more attention to the developers and their backgrounds. Their CVs are often written to glorify basically no real experience.
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