Paying with exposure

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The old freelancers curse

If you ever have been freelancing you might have encountered situations where you are asked to work for free... for the exposure... Especially if you are an artist or a designer. Draw me that logo, design me that poster... yada yada....etc.

The oatmeal put it quite well in his comic:

The Oatmeal

But since being introduced to steem and steemit I've been thinking... we might have actually made this possible. Steem kinda is exposure bucks. You make something, people like it and from this exposure you gain STEEM and later on you can turn it in for fiat currency if you like to or use it to gain even more exposure and power.

Two days ago I took my girlfriend out to a sushi place and joked that steemit payed for it. In reality I haven't turned anything to fiat currency yet but as a matter of fact if I wanted to, I could have.

We truly are living in the future...
What do you think?

Happy steeming,
@beercake out



Well getting paid for technical contributions is a novelty. Let's enjoy it while it lasts :)

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