Whale fighting brings out the SCUM of steemit

in steemit •  5 months ago

Why do WHALES support trash like this:


Oh wait.. I know! Because some of them are Globalists themselves and believe conspiracy theories that are thousands of years old.

Yah.. I always knew some whales were putrid pieces of shit. The only difference is I don't believe in STEEM as much as I did, and I don't earn from posts anyways ;)

Happy Friday GOOD people of the world.

All my regular one liner commenters are valued ;) you don't need to comment or get involved in this trash.

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There are Facebook ghettos and I suppose there are a few steemians here who create the same. I ignore them. However there are many good folks here for which I am most grateful...you being one. Blessings @bearbear613.


have a great week troy

Your posts are gaining a lot of traction lately! Lol

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I do not really post anymore. 2 years of this crap and no differences. It’s a joke. I delegate now.. that’s about it.