The future of STEEM H-20, and Steemit according to GOPAX Presentation

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As I have stated many times before I have never put a penny of FIAT into any cryptocurrency including STEEM. I think it's evident I have put a lot of time and effort participating in what this block-chain has to offer. Since STEEM has only been around for two years, I'm still relatively early to the party; and so are you!

I am proud of the fact that I have earned my crypto from hard "work", rather than seeing STEEM simple as a speculative investment. In order to actualize this "work" from simple comments and interaction, I wanted to see the "Wallet" function transform into real-life rewards. This was/is no simple task for anyone new to the crypto-sphere. In order to get anything done, more work was needed in order to find out how to "cash out". This required learning about crypto exchanges, and how to trade, add bank accounts. This currently takes days and even weeks to master.

Steemit has a search functionality, but it requires a lot of reading and certain forms of interaction in order to get your questions answered. It has been a long 1 year anniversary and journey. When I first started this profile, I wrote "The journey", and that is what it has been. I am by far no crypto-guru, but I would say I have graduated from being a laymen into a more seasoned "Steemian".

Now reviewing this video I wanted to really see @Ned and Steemit's vision for the future. I was actually comforted to know that @Ned is not burying his head in the sand. He see's the reward pool being abused. He wants SMT's into the hands of business owners where that model of the STEEM block-chain is under the command of entrepreneurs rather than whale mentality leading the way.

It is noted that stake weighted voting for allocating rewards is what is being abused currently on this platform. He gives examples of 3 articles which are paid from highest to lowest. What was hoped was that what was read was based strictly on quality. Unfortunately this has not been the case, where the main issue is where minnows are having a very difficult time being noticed for good work. This is largely due to steak weighted voting, the future is going to be based upon "account based voting". This means one person, one vote. It will be a more democratic way of voting where the person who "discovered" good material first will be rewarded the most.

From what I understand and obviously I will be corrected either by a flag or in the comments section; what is envisioned is a "changed internet". SMT's are innovative and will deviate from Ethereum (ERC-20) and EOS in terms of scaling and transaction fee's. Will this be a bused? of course it will, but something will have to b done. In essence discovery and spotlight of good material material will be the focus on steemit in the future (which I believe was the original intent of the platform). Quicker sign-Up, moderation, communities, reputation, and retention of users will be in H20 (Hard-Fork 20). One important change may also include education for new users; something I had no way of knowing or doing without a lot of searching and work.

Steemit is in BETA and we are part of the experiment THIS moment. That's pretty cool. I could actualize all of the rewards at this point, or wait it out. Perhaps that's now putting me into a speculative position. At times many of us thinks there's so much abuse and bullshit gong on here. Hearing that Steemit .inc at least acknowledges this is a starting point. The future may not be written, but it will evolve and show us the way.

The end of the discussion asked if Dan Larimer will one day come back to steemit..


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I dont' understand any of this hehe, nor do I care too.

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This is awesome! Thanks for sharing. Steem/Steemit is like one of my favorite cryptos right now. Basically, it's amazing that there's another use case besides a currency for wealth many benefits to blockchain besides that -- these things will get utilized and take over. Great platform!

Hey, thanks for finding the video :)