I can’t figure out what to post..

in steemit •  2 months ago


Gee whiz, now that it has been revealed 800 or so odd steemians might actually follow me...

Do you like my one liner posts? Or the ones where I spend 5 hours editing 5-8 paragraph philosophical yadah yadah on life that has been written, or verbalized before; just by someone else at a different time or place.

How would you rate this post out of 10?


If you are also curious, there are many strange websites where you can rate things. I will keep this post safe for work.


Ohhhhhhh someone’s at the door! Having another backyard soirée!


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I'm not picky they all work for me, but I do like posts that make me laugh....


People laugh at me all of the time. I sometimes laugh with them :/


I have days like that too what the hell to post. Anytime at all make sense @bearbear613. If not I just have a beer


I think I’ll do that.