Incredibly Photogenic Pet Competition!

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Instead of being stressed, be blessed! Another installment of being able to show off your pets swagger for good causes. Paying it forward and creating Win/Win Scenarios can be a fun thing to do after a few weeks of some choppy waters. :)

ALL OF THE SBD payout from this post will be split between @rhondak and @tarc and @youarehope. They both work tirelessly to promote good across the hood. YouAreHope specializes in Humanitarian Needs and Tarc specializes in Animal rescue/adoption and advocacy.
Here is some info about Tazewell ARC or Tarc and a link to the YouAreHope Discord Server... Show some love for the peeps and the pets!
@youarehope (for news and reports)

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Put the Glamour Shot Pictures in the Comments Section, The top popular vote entry... (meaning JUST upvotes numbers wise gets a 100% upvote from me and from #teamgood. It must be YOUR pet and not a picture from pixabay like I used for a graphic!)
The top 2 Entries judged to be the most creative and conversation starting based on a panel of fellow Steemians will get 1 SBD each! It's for a good cause and to "Help The Helpers" which is what one of the motto's of #teamgood is. :)

Resteems are appreciated but NOT mandatory.

ALL of the SBD Payout will be split between YouAreHope and Tarc...

HAVE FUN! This is and will be a Repeating Theme so Please Join In for Good Causes and Community.

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My dog Bailey looking at me while watching a soccer game instead of the daily walk. I felt she was like: 'Common dad I'm stretching!!!'


awww, I love how she matches with the pillow, he he, so cute

Here's a picture of "Rocket" from just a couple days ago



i dont have a pup, but this is
my fave so far. i gave you a 40%u/v. good luck!


Yarrr now that's a fine doggo


Thank you

My little sweet Max's baby photo. Adorable!
15636147_max_dec_9_2014 copy.jpg


this just has winning written all over it. :)

cutest dog EVA. <3


thank you... when i saw his baby photo I knew I had to enter


Ahoy there doggo


lol hi matie ...

Team Good Alpaca loves this post! Nomnomnomnom!
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Muh kitty called Nugget saying hi to the fish.


Adorable and elemental... With water pet and land lion matey


That's a 2 for 1! How large is your tank? I used to have a pleco that lived for 6 years.


It's 4ft and holds 96 litres. Not sure how old the pleco is but he's magnificent.


Look up gold nugget pleco - those have always been my favorite!

Meet "Loopy" he had issue's :))
Loopy Dog - By Steve J Huggett.jpg


So does my wife matey but she be a pirate and can make Rum. Great entry


My lovely akira ❤ She is really photogenic!!


Beautiful Dog :)

i dont have a petbut this post is great! love your i intiatives.

Here's my Sammy boy. He's a good doggo. Super friendly. Don't leave your drinks unattended around him though. He just might help himself.



tenor (2).gif
Awesome! Has some good taste there sir...


Caffeinated Canines, my Pirate heart be happy


Nice coffee ☕️

This is wifi second yungest of the Nangijala pooches



Sassy....I dig it


:) he is very emotional and opinionated. If he wants something he lets out a solitary bark that has this accusatory tone its hilarious . He also walks on his toes and is very metrosexual

This is a very fun challenge and thanks for putting this together! With that being said here's my submission...

I present to you my French Bulldog Gizmo...


Be sure to check out the black and white version over here:

Introducing, 'Princess Pooch!' I met this adorable dog at a local festival and was very impressed with her. She only had eyes for her proud trainer/owner from the Redcliffe Dog Obedience School in Queensland, Australia. I can't remember her name but have called her, 'Princess Pooch' for this very special occasion.



<3 she has some swagger for sure :)


What are you looking at?


:) youuuu, I'm loooking at u, adorable

Good competition to partcipate in


thanks :)