AdventureTime of Trying to Upload AdventureTime (Now on DTube)

in steemit •  3 months ago

The true and real adventure was trying to get my art up! After 2 failed attempts on Dlive I migrated here :) Test run commences.......
Third Time is the charm some say....I say Hoorah to that!
Bonus and Gratiutious legshots and shoutouts! While touring our castle we drove to in our Lambo we make sure to say hi to Steemspeak, YouAreHope and Teamgood! Come with us on a magical adventure through a house! There are doors and windows and books galore! Come see a towel I used and our coffeemaker and a mostly empty bottle of Chilean wine! I also put life lessons in this video. Moar to come!
Remember Steemians.....Only together can we make Steem Gr8 again! (the Steem 8 Initiative started by @whatsup is spreading morale enhancement for all. )
Waves to @teamgood @fyrstikken @youarehope @tribesteemup @allyoubeautifulpeeps #done in vertical to piss off the right people ;)

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omg i reallyyy loved this you two kill me, i laughed so hard at the “fd up art” comment and the open the closet. the bed headboard looked interesting. you saying “orbs” lol!! dyinggg so something i would say. you both would be great on podcast

it worked :D Yay! ALso did not now that you and @reverendrum were a thing now I am tickled pink and expect pirate babies :D ... also beware at the stroke of midnight that closet will open and they will be coming for you :O

hahaha how funny.but your home is nice

I am very supportive of the fast hope of the Gr8 steem produced by @whatsu and @battleaxe, thank you.

Upvote and greetings from Greece men


Dtube may take a chunk but the fact it works, :)
Just wait till I make the really good ones playing guitar singing pirate songs


hey @sircork put the youarehope logo in here, feel free
Hey errybody Cork is a witness with NobleWitness and does nice things like feed people! Check out YouAreHope and show some <3


upvoted so it stays at the top of the post!


no neva like dis only like dat....
yeah perfect
Hope you enjoyed the castle tour, my personal servant Jeeves was busy waxing the lambo outside while this was being carefully crafted

After 2 failed attempts on Dlive I migrated here :)

The same thing happened to me but with Dtube so i migrated to Dlive JAJAJAJA... and other thing that i dont like about Dtube is that it doesnt storage your videos, after a certain time Dtube deletes it :(

Hey your house is really beautiful!! i love the view from your window ❤_❤ and these cat's painting are really good too!


I"m gonna go back between both of them to whatever is going to work, lol

Excellent news Friend

nice video

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great & impressive