Why neobux is a good investment

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Neobux is one of the Best PTC Sites that really pay, and for some, it is the King of PTC. It has been Paying for over 8 years without an issue. In addition, their paying all of their members instantly, a sign that a PTC site is stable. Neobux is definitely one of the Top PTC Sites out there.

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There are several ways to make money from Neobux, but my favorite program is their Mini job. You can earn money faster by doing tasks rather than clicking ads. It could take you a whole month to make $1 from clicking ads while it can be made in less than a week from doing mini jobs. Doing tasks is time-consuming but once you get used to it, it will be a lot easier and faster.

There are at least 30 ads available from Neobux every day and most of them are worth $0.001 which means you can make at least $0.90 in a month. While tasks are not always available, they pay better. Completing tasks with good accuracy will raise your rank one notch, and as your rank goes higher more tasks will be available for you with higher values.

If you want to maximize your profit from Neobux, start with this simple strategy:

Investment to $10)
Rent 25 referrals ($5)
if your all referrals an average 1.5 click per day you win $6.83 in the month and it's easy me have an average 2 click per day with my 25 referrals
Do not rent too many referrals, it will be hard to maintain all of them at once.
Renew best refferals(at least two click per day) them for 90 days ($0.49 per referrals)
Once you earn $20 from your RR , rent another 25 set of referrals and renew them for 90 days.
Stop renting once you have 100 referrals (Continuous renting may lower down your profit due to higher renewal fees).
This is an easy strategy to make money from Neobux but you need to invest at least $10 to get started with it.

Upgrade your account to Golden membership ($90) and get more referrals and you have most money er click

If u want sign in : https://www.neobux.com/?r=bastiencrypto

if u like upvote and comment's for help and resteem it's free :)) Thank you all

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