The steem and the steemdollars move down ...

in steemit •  2 years ago


Now the price of the steem is 1.26 dollars and before there is one month the price of the steem was 2.50 dollars , i hope to rise

prices steem.PNG

steem charts.PNG

and steem dollars move down to now the prices of steem dollarsis 0.98 dollars and befor we can bought the steem dollars as 2 dollars


steem dollars.PNG

i think , it is nessesary to wait for sell your steem dollard and steem

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@bastiencrypto what do you expect the steem price to be?


I want it to go up at 2 dollars

Good time to be buying these things now that they are cheap, obviously unsure if they will go down before going back up but the strategy that I would use most would be HODL! Thanks for sharing :)

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