We Are Over 200 Followers On BASSUNIVERSE!

in #steemit5 years ago

Thank you so much guys!

We are over 200 followers within only one month! That's insane! I want to thank you to everyone who has supported this channel on dTube and on Steemit  I will try my best to share the best music i can find for you.

One thing I want to say is if you are a photographer you can also send me your pictures to
[email protected]
Please make sure they are at least in 1080p :) I will credit you if I use your picture (I will post a special steemit-post for that in a few days).

Tomorrow will be a great upload! Make sure to drop by!
See you tomorrow and thanks again guys!



Congrats @bassuniverse

Congratulations bro, Thanks to you for share really good music every day and make more happy each day

richtig nice!

Grats buddy! Keep it up :)

I thank you Andy ,
You made so many times my day with your music!

Thanks so much for your kind words!

Gongratulations friend, I think it's a great achievement that in just one month you have more than 200 followers, that you keep growing a lot

i have also 200 followers my friend. @bassuniverse

kannst mir das Eis morgen vorbei bringen!

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