Steemit won!

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Hello fellow Steemians! As you may have noticed Steemit is growing rapidly, and the community thrives. A lot of people are working hard to spread the happy message that Steem exists, and now I have participated.

As my friends @oyvindsabo pointed out in his post:  I did won the Kahoot in our Software Architecture lecture. For those who dont know what Kahoot is, it is a platform that allows you to make quizzes and participate in them (see here for more: ). The users are allowed to choose their name (a lot of funny names is chosen :D ) and I did chose "Steemit" as my nick.
And this is how it ended:

The image above is a screenshot from my phone, ad this is what the class saw(cudos to @oyvindsabo for picture) :

It may not catch the attention of everyone in the class but professor (  awesome guy) did say "Steemit" in front of everybody at least a couple of times so it may stick into their subconscious. Any way, it was great time winning with Steemit!



Good product placement. Wait a sec, did you just invented a Permissionless Sponsorship? :)

I do not know if I invented it but I did use it :)
btw, do you see that there is a random whale at third place ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )

Permissionless and trustless peer to peer (although via a central server) advertising. I guess this has already been invented through advertising spam in comments sections, but this might actually be one of the first permissionless advertising opportunities where people don't get annoyed at you for promoting an idea.

That was acctually quite well done as the second place "Nina" was one row behide me and had 4 male students helping her, two from each side. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )

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