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RE: Shadow Ranks have been Boosted! Take a look at where you stand!

in #steemit6 years ago

Really good job man!! I work hard to bring my friends to the bot, for all of us.
You really did the steemit work better, but I want to up levels in the bot, I really work hard :/ and I'm didn't success. Me and the friend that I was bringing asame level and I came in before them. I will very happy if you can help me. Thenks very much


You did go up 20%:

  1. Voting Power!
    Total Boost: 20%
    Old Shadow Rank: 5
    New Shadow Rank: 6

I see, thenks alot! But you can help me and give me some push, only if you want to help me , I really want to up this bot , it's have alot of potential. Thenks for answer and help

Shadow Rank is a metric used and calculated based on performance. We do not give it out, it is earned.

Ok thenks man :)

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