Facebook Wallet Fridays! Show Me Yours! | E. #21 | That's Right. Think on That. A New Series for Outreach and to give FB the business for profiting off your time & surveilling you. Send this to Someone You Know!

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I believe this image says it all.

I've been thinking about this for awhile now. It is a profound statement on several levels.

It's been 10 years+ now and I still cannot find my Fascistbook Wallet, can you???

By contrast, I am the most regular guy on Steemit.

Here's a screenshot of my wallet page recently:

I am going to post this every Friday hoping the point gets out to all the people on here, and to those not yet on here!

FedBook has been collecting our data for years and clearly profiting off us all, and not given us a penny. Remember this!!

-- Thanks to @ned, @dan / @dantheman for giving us all this technology and life changing community called Steemit.

-- Fakebook is profiting off your labour and not paying you.

-- On top of that they are aligned with collecting your data with their 500 page Privacy Release nobody reads and closely tied to globalists and the police state to surveil all of us and gets away with it since we post and join voluntarily.

-- I will keep posting this until someone can show me THEIR Fedbook wallet.

-- I will keep posting this until Fakebook starts to provide humanity a wallet and ways to monetize the masses and contribute to helping people in a tangible way like Steemit does, after FB's YEARS AND YEARS of profiting off the masses and silencing dissent and political TRUTH - proving their ties to censorship, the police state and the globalists seeking to control humanity and the message and harm good people.

-- I am giving Fascistbook every chance, regularly and publicly to address and correct this situation without malice, prejudice or bias. Well, not much anyways LOL. (:

Facebook BLOCKED me from sending this, via DM to several people just now, so I tried sharing this to their FB pages instead and was still blocked, proves my point here, right???


Ok it is your turn, send this post to a friend, share it on Social Media sites, click/save or send the main/first graphic to someone, use this post or the contents, how you see it to spread awareness or help a friend or family member.



Try to engage and help others, we are SteemitFamily I always say!!

Oh and look what popped up in Twitter now also!!




Look Fascistbook wants me to PAY THEM to boost my post and take my money, LOL

Thanks for reading, have a nice day.

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This has really upset some people but I do not force my opinions on others, or need to communicate every detail of my life or issues, most people do not care anyways. I invested around 10 hours or more a day on Steemit most of my first 13 mths here, I just do not have that time in my life right now, and that includes for replies and voting/curation.
I have done my best, sorry if you do not understand like some are clearly having a problem with. It's a blogging platform, and I will do my best at everything, and to keep blogging.
Carry On.

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nice post

Reminds me of Adam Ruins everything describing what goes into the sausage making machine of many social sites:

So true.

-- Heart Attack Burgers in everything now!