The 5 Best Investments of 2018

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Greetings everyone!
I want to apologize for being gone for so long. I've been away from this platform for around four months. Had to deal with some pressing personal/family issues that took all my time. Things have finally settled down now and I've had time to reflect on the long term. It's been an explosive year for cryptocurrencies. Even Steemit has received a considerable boost recently. However, it's not just crypto that is booming. There are currently a number of technological revolutions underway, each creating its own gold rush, and offering millions of people around the world the opportunity to make fortunes. These fortunes will not be made overnight. These are long-term investments that will be excellent to start in 2018. I will be talking about technologies and industries to invest in, not companies or coins in particular. That will be part of a future post. So let's jump right into it. Here is my list with the 5 best investments for 2018:

1 - Cryptocurrencies

Cryptos are the hottest thing out there right now. If you're like me, you probably wish you would've started to invest in cryptocurrencies earlier, before the boom. You could've made a fortune if you bought bitcoin four years ago. Well, I'm here to tell you that you're not too late to the party. The party is just starting. Only recently has the media and everyone else started to talk about cryptos. The vast majority of people have no idea what cryptocurrencies are, their uses or advantages, but many are starting to learn. You should be glad because you're still in the initial 1% of people that are investing into/using cryptocurrencies right now.

There's immense potential in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Society is just waking up to this. Sure, we're experiencing a crypto bubble right now but that's just short term. Imagine cryptocurrencies ten years from now. They are the future of money, having the potential to revolutionize how society works, how the world's financial systems work and disrupt the monetary scams of the banksters I'm trying to expose. Cryptocurrencies will change the world and that process is just beginning. It's the future of money. Start investing now in both well established coins and new coins of great potential and a decade or two from now when people will be paying their bills or receiving their paychecks in bitcoin or some other coin, you could be multimillionaire.


2 - Gene Editing - CRISPR-Cas9

CRISPR is a technology developed by scientists to make changes to the genetic code of biological organisms. While in the past it was extremely hard and costly to edit genes, with CRISPR it is cheap and easy. It's a huge revolution in biotech and perhaps humanity's biggest medical discovery. Gene editing through CRISPR has the potential to lead to a new understanding of biology and genetics, to cure almost all genetic diseases, diseases caused by bacteria, viruses, cancer and countless others. The sky is the limit with CRISPR. From curing paralysis and extending healthy lifespans to making super-soldiers or designer babies, it's all possible with CRISPR. This technology was first used in 2013 and in 2017 it has experienced a boom not unlike that of bitcoin. It's all the rage in today's biotech industry. The number of studies and articles published on CRISPR has exploded and there are already numerous medical trials underway for the treatment of many major diseases. Some companies are already using CRISPR to produce better crops or improved medicines. Imagine investing now in a company that in a few years finds a cure for AIDS or cardiovascular disease.


3 - Synthetic Meat

What is synthetic meat you might wonder. Well, it's currently actually possible for researchers to collect a tiny sample of meat cells from a living animal and make them grow in a lab in a whole hunk of meat. Currently, it's a rather expensive process, although it has gotten cheaper over the past few years. Why would this be a good investment you might wonder? Well, it solves a number of incredibly important issues. Currently there are billions upon billions of domesticated animals on Earth, grown by industrial giants only to be later slaughtered for their meat. Not only does this process produce unimaginable amounts of suffering and misery for these billions of animals, but it's extremely damaging to the environment. Animals produce high amounts of methane, a highly potent greenhouse gas, as well as CO2, they damage the environment through overgrazing, the reduction of forests to make space for pastures, they consume incredible amounts of freshwater, and the entire meat production industry is incredibly wasteful and polluting.

All of that will change once synthetic meat will become available. With a microscopic sample of animal cells companies like Memphis Meats will be able to produce industrial amounts of synthetic meat in the future, with no damage to the environment, waste or animal suffering involved. Not only that but synthetic meat can also be made healthier, containing no amounts of antibiotics or hormones often found in industrial meat. It truly is a revolution. If you find a solid company that focuses on this revolutionary technology, and is close to bringing it to the market, waste no time and invest now.


4 - Battery Technology and Metals

Even though we all love a roaring V8, we all know that electric cars are the future, especially as regular commuter cars. The demand for them is soaring and while I personally would never own one, governments might force us to own one anyway through regulation and the taxation of CO2 emitting cars. It's not just cars though. The amount of devices that use batteries that have become mainstream has increased exponentially in recent years. Lithium-ion batteries have become an integral part of the technology we use in our everyday lives. From your laptop, to your phone, tablet, watch and soon your car, everything is battery powered. Knowing this, it's easy to see why it's important to keep an eye on the companies that create battery technology, on battery technology breakthroughs and on the materials required to produce batteries. Did you know that the price of many lithium mining companies have more than doubled in the past year. Not many companies can double their worth in a year but many lithium mining companies have succeeded in doing exactly that, and there are other rare earth metals used in batteries as well. It's a booming industry and while some corrections can take place, imagine where it will be a decade from now when tens of millions of electric cars will be sold yearly.


5 - Particle Technology

Humanity has just began to harvest the technological power of subatomic particles. Two major ways in which we are doing that is through ion implantation and proton beam technology. Let's talk first about ion implantation. You're probably wondering what is this. Well, it's a technology used to manufacture semiconductors. Companies like Axcelis have produced breakthroughs and revolutionary product and their stock has soared. The next generation of ion implantation devices is under development. The company that will come with a good, competitive product, stands to make a fortune as demand for semiconductors only increases and new applications are found each year for ion implantation.

Proton beam therapy uses a beam of protons to irradiate cancer cells. It's proven to be a very effective treatment and superior to classic radiotherapy. It's a revolutionary treatment that has become increasingly popular in recent years. Companies like Littleton are finding new delivery systems and applications for this technology. Littleton has recently received FDA approval for an important cancer treatment that uses pencil beam scanning technology to deliver radiation to tumors extremely precisely. Other companies are coming up with similar breakthroughs that are putting proton therapy at the forefront of cancer treatment.

Thus, we reach the end of my list for the investments I consider the best in 2018. These are revolutionary industries and technologies that promise to completely reshape our world in the future. You won't make a future instantly but decades from now when these technologies will be mainstream your small investment of today could be worth millions. It would be like investing in jet planes or computers before they were ever a thing. Think about that for a second...

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Great post bankster, I look forward to reading future posts. What about AR, is that worth investing in?

Yes, I definitely think that AR has a lot of potential as an investment. Originally I wanted to make a ten item list but it would've ended up being too long so settled for five. AR is a good addition to the list and a company that focuses on this technology could be incredibly valuable in the future.

I've been thinking of using 1broker, do you know if that's any good?

I've never heard of it before but I've just checked it out and seems like an interesting idea. Could be very useful if it works as intended.